• Grado SR 60e

    Why are you still using those Apple earbuds?  Why?
  • Grado SR 80e

    A bit more refined than the 60e.
  • Harbeth – C7ES-3

    The Compact 7!  A classic Harbeth offering!  Price is for cherry finish.  There is an upcharge for other finishes.  Yes the DeVore 3XL and Neat Elite SX are the same price. All are...
  • Harbeth – Monitor 30.1 Pro

    This is "the one" that mastering engineers rely on.  Want to hear every detail?  Pick Me! Pick Me! Everything you read about it are true.  If you hear them, they will win you over ...
  • Harbeth – Super HL5 plus

    The HL5 Plus is the newest Harbeth offering.  It was just revised and has become the best selling Harbeth to date.  Want the detail of the 30.1 with more slam?  Here ya go! The sup...
  • Harbeth- P3ESR

    The smallest Harbeth made, With it's closed box design, the P3 is perfect for bookshelves and small rooms.  It does need some power!  It may be the smallest but it likes some ...
  • Heed CanAmp

    All the dudes on the Head Fi forum LOVE this headphone amp! It's the Bees Knees!
  • Heed Elixir

    This brand new integrated from Heed is killer! 50 watts, MM phono pre, headphone amp and pre amp output! Awesome sound from this little amp!
  • Innuos Mk3 Music Servers!!

    Innuos offers three different music servers. All are extremely easy to set up and use!
  • Leben CS-600 Integrated Amplifier

    The Leben CS600 continues to amaze me.  It uses 6L6 or EL34 power tubes and is hand built in Japan. She loves to date DeVore speakers and is looking for a long term relationship.