Leben CS-600 Integrated Amplifier

Leben CS-600 Integrated Amplifier

The Leben CS600 continues to amaze me.  It uses 6L6 or EL34 power tubes and is hand built in Japan. She loves to date DeVore speakers and is looking for a long term relationship.

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Product Description

CS-600 Integrated Amplifier

  • Twin-triode tube 6CS7 for the first-stage amplification.
  • WBT type speaker terminals.
  • Heavy-duty output transformer for 50W grade amplifiers.
  • Large capacity choke-coil: 5H350mA
  • Dumper tube 6CJ3 (for Colour TV use) is applied to delay a supply of high voltage (B-Voltage) to output tubes in order to protect output tubes from damages and to longer the life.
  • All high-end audio grade electrical components (condensors, resistors)
  • Operation lamp indicator
  • Succeeding a front design of CS-300/CS-300X.
  • 24K Gold-Plated Knobs.
  • Side Wood-Panels.