It got HEAVY today!

Noel Waggoner & Balan Villanueva of Heavy Light Records stopped by today with a box of the rarest grooves! Some 45's that go for $1100!! I'm talking RARE! Some of the records didn't even have a label! It was a blast. Hardcore record collectors are part record freak and private eye. I love hearing Noel's tales of finding records. He is one of the best. I'm stoked he started Heavy Light to share his finds with the World.

Line Magnetic Audio

Coming soon! Line Magnetic Audio. LM Audio are a highly respected Chinese company, not your typical "Chi-Fi". They make very nice gear that won't break the bank. They're also known for amazing reproductions of classic Western Electric gear. Horns, field coils, power supplies, etc... my future looks dangerous. The behemoths on the left are the LM-1 211 SET mono's for a measly $80K.. yeah, I'm not getting those..



I'm getting the 216ia. It's a KT88 push pull amp. 22 watts per channel in triode, 38 watts per channel in ultra linear. Remote controlled. Bias adjustable with built in meter. 4, 8 and 16 ohm output taps. Point to point wiring used throughout. Comes with a tube cage. $1850

Don Cornelius gone at 75..

Soul Train was one of the longest running TV show of all time. For nearly 40 years, It had a profound effect on popular culture that has not been duplicated.

First Rega RP6 in the USA!

I successfully wore down my pal Steve at Sound Org., (with my incessant whining) to send me their demo RP6 from CES. Still no sight of the first shipment, but it's coming! Honest! At least you can come to the shop and give her a spin.

"two more weeks mate"