time to escape..

..the heat, phones, facebook, iThings, computers, crap on TV, annoying hipsters and did I mention heat? Our annual family road trip to Colorado is upon us. The shop will be closed from June 25th through July 4th. I will be checking my email from time to time. My phone will be OFF because I’ll be doing a lot of this..

3 is a magic number.

I remember thinking that the Electric Company was so much more sophisticated than Sesame Street. If it weren’t for BOB DOROUGH, the World would be a lot more dense (hard to fathom, right?). He was the man behind Schoolhouse Rock! I grew up on this stuff. He’s coming to do two shows this weekend! Don’t miss it!

The Bevis Frond!

Every time I go to my local record shop I look in anticipation for a new Bevis Frond release. To my delight I ran across a new one today (happy dad day to me!). It was released over a year ago, but it’s news to me. The Leaving of London is full of melodic hooks, you’ll find yourself humming all day long. “The Frond” are a psychedelic band from London led by guitarist Nick Saloman. Another excellent band that has sadly been under the radar for the past 26 years. Order it HERE.

girls rock camp

I will be running out of the shop on Saturday from 12:30-2:00. My daughter Lily is going to be playing her first gig. I must brag and tell you she is a natural drummer, keeps way better time than her old man and thinks most current pop music sucks.

Gillian Welch @ Stubbs

My wife,”Precious” and I had a date and saw Gillian Welch last night. We hopped on the new train for a buck each and ended up in the middle of the ROT Ralley…motorcycle mayhem! Lots of dudes who looked like Dog the Bounty Hunter and their “old ladies”. We grabbed a slice at Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza wondering how someone could work a 12 hour shift listening to Slayer non-stop. We made a quick escape to Lovejoys for a even quicker pint and then off to Stubbs. Gillian did two sets that were nothing short of a spiritual experience. She touched upon all of her records and many off her new release, The Harrow & The Harvest. Ms. Welch and Dave Rawlings tore it up for two hours and saved her epic song Miss Ohio and Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit for the encore. If they come to your town, don’t miss them!