Gorgeous Gibbons!

Here's a nice pic of the new DeVore 0/96 Orangutan. That's 96db! Sensitive enough to make low powered amps scream! There will likely be a 0/93 version as well which I will be getting in ASAP.

Leben RS-30EQ phono pre now on demo!

That's right folks! The beautiful Leben RS-30EQ moving magnet phono pre is on the floor. As with many Leben products, these are usually spoken for before they're built! No mass production here! All hand soldered point to point... and that new Leben smell? MMM! Nothing like it! Reminds be of sniffing those mimeograph worksheets in middle school back in the 80's.

4 RS-30EQ Poster

yum yummins!

Got some more booze for the shop! Texas made Enchanted Rock Vodka! Centenario 100% Agave has got to be the smoothest Anejo Tequila I've ever had. Made for sippin'! No training wheels needed. Makers Mark... crucial.

Rega DAC in Silver

The black Rega DAC I had flew out the door, so I got in a silver one. There aren't many pics on the net of it in Silver, so here you go..
silver rega DAC

Dynavector 20X2-H on the floor!

Here's the new Dynavector 20X2-H (H is for high output moving coil. Also available in a low output). I just put her on the Rega P5 turntable. Playing through the LFD phono pre amp which is made specifically for high output moving coils. In a word... stunning!
DV 20X2