Vacation! Closed July 6-17

Whetstone Audio, my cell phone and I, will be CLOSED / TURNED OFF from July 6-17. Reaching me will be futile! I will reopen on Saturday July 18th. I’ll be refreshed, invigorated and probably have a much better attitude and disposition at that time.

THÖ is on the FLÖ!!!

My long awaited Thöress 845 mono blocks have finally arrived to round out the rest of the system. I have, without a doubt, one of the finest systems in the great state of Texas! This is a whole new level!

onward and upward!

Pretty soon there will be a new website and blog at this address.  It may be a mess for a bit until it’s tweaked. Please be patient!

In addition to providing Hi-Fi gear, Whetstone will have Fine Art Photography (from Modern Rocks Gallery) and very cool lighting from Microphonics (pictured) for sale. Don’t worry! I’ll still have some “low-brow” links and “hump day honies”! There will be lots of cool events coming up to celebrate the face lift.  Stay Tuned!