Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by the shop or spent time on this blog. I really enjoy meeting those of you who seek me out on your vacations to experience the shop in person. I especially want to thank those of you who have spent your hard earned money here. Whetstone Audio started 18 years ago and has grown every day because of YOU! It doesn’t go unappreciated. Here’s to a music filled 2014. May all your upgrade dreams come true!


Brian DiFrank

ps. and your travels be safe and trouble free!

F O R E !!!!!

Now on the floor! The Well Tempered Labs Simplex turntable with Dynavector 20X2-L cartridge! Using the same “golf ball” technology as it’s big brother, Amadeus, but with a smaller plinth. A seriously good turntable capable of blowing away fully upgraded Linn LP12’s ($40K). Here’s a REVIEW. $1995

I threw an impromptu jam sesh at the house last night and someone rode over on a Brompton folding bike. I had to get a pic of it beside my chrome bumper Naim 42 / hiCap / 250. Both were designed by the late, great Julian Vereker.