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The entry level IsoTek NeoPlug is a "wall wart" that plugs into any power strip and instantly takes out the glare and haze coming from your mains. For $115 you will vastly improve your entire system. It also improves the contrast and color of computer monitors and TV's.
I've never been a fan of power conditioners because they usually suck the musicality and flow out of the music. I've tried a few well known offerings but was never impressed. They just made everything sound weird. Interconnects? Yes, they can make a difference, but only to the source it's plugged into. This makes a huge difference to the ENTIRE SYSTEM! So, finally. Here's a solution / product I can stand behind. You know by now that I'm skeptical of "tweaks" until proven. Come by for a demo! More IsoTek will be coming in soon. This is just a taste of what it can do!

Just IN!! The Primare I21 integrated amp and CD21 CD Player!
Series 60 coming SOON!

Before Best Buy there was CRAZY EDDIE!

I remember growing up in upstate New York and seeing these commercials. Classic low brow stuff. The Crazy Eddie empire came crashing down due to fixed books and possible mob ties. Not much has changed. Big Box stores are just slicker and sell cheaper electronics. At least Crazy Eddie was entertaining! INSAAAAANE!

GRADO GR8 Ear Buds!


Grado Labs is pleased to announce the introduction of our new model headphone. GR8!

The GR8 is Grado’s first in-ear transducer.

It is an elegant wide bandwidth single magnet armature design which results in a musical clarity and character that is the signature of Grado engineering and voicing.

An additional benefit of this approach in design is that it results in a device that is smaller and lighter than the competition and therefore much more comfortable to wear in the ear.

As a result of precision hand crafting it is exceptional in reproducing vocals. Its clarity in mass instrument recordings is unsurpassed. Realistic spatial definition is quite apparent also. $299




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