Now at Whetstone Audio!

The entry level IsoTek NeoPlug is a “wall wart” that plugs into any power strip and instantly takes out the glare and haze coming from your mains. For $115 you will vastly improve your entire system. It also improves the contrast and color of computer monitors and TV’s.
I’ve never been a fan of power conditioners because they usually suck the musicality and flow out of the music. I’ve tried a few well known offerings but was never impressed. They just made everything sound weird. Interconnects? Yes, they can make a difference, but only to the source it’s plugged into. This makes a huge difference to the ENTIRE SYSTEM! So, finally. Here’s a solution / product I can stand behind. You know by now that I’m skeptical of “tweaks” until proven. Come by for a demo! More IsoTek will be coming in soon. This is just a taste of what it can do!

Just IN!! The Primare I21 integrated amp and CD21 CD Player!
Series 60 coming SOON!

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