It was 30 years ago today…

November 30, 1982 – Michael Jackson's Thriller is released.
It became the biggest selling album in both U.S. and international history, with more than 110 million copies sold and counting.

It also revolutionized the making of music videos and confirmed Jackson's place as one of the greatest artists and entertainers of all time.


#1 Beatles Fan!

This is Erika Bale. She's seen the Beatles over 200 times!! Erika used to skip school and see them at The Cavern Club during their tea time set. She said they played twice a day and she would go both times. She was a fan when they were just a little skiffle band from Liverpool. I asked her if she was one of those screaming girls. "Oh No! I was a fan before all that nonsense." She even had dinner with Pete Best! Erika was super cool!

Jeff Magid from Columbia records told an entertaining story. He was listening to one of the Beatles test pressings and heard a faint chirping noise. After checking cables and listening again, it was gone. Then it returned. He moved a speaker and there was a small beatle behind it. The bug flew at him and he screamed! Then he promptly smashed the beatle..(sorry PETA). heh heh..

Naim UnitiLite… in the house!!

The new addition to Naim's "Uniti" line is breaking in nicely. UnitiLite is a high-end audio all-in-one system delivering maximum sound quality, convenience and simple understated looks. UnitiLite comprises a CD player, MP3/iPod/USB stick play, a DAC, internet radio, high-res network streaming and an integrated 50W (at 8 ohms) amplifier. Just add a pair of speakers and call it done!

Lehmann Audio from Germany

Now available at the shop!

The Black Cube phono stages are analog cult objects around the world. The Black Cube Statement is the statement product of its price class.

Many things that made the Black Cube phono stages famous the world over are now offered by the Black Cube Statement in a new, attractive package at an even more affordable price. This is true for the parts quality as well as for the highly rated audio performance. The original Black Cube phono preamplifier redefined the phono stage market when introduced in 1995 and saw many imitations. Since then Black Cube phono stages have always reached cult status. Numerous awards and countless positive reviews on all five continents clearly underline the success.

The Lehmannaudio Black Cube Statement phono stage is compatible with practically all available cartridges on the market from High Output MM to low output MC cartridges. Apart from the standard switch settings there is one onboard slot that can be fitted with a custom impedance to supply perfect termination even for the most exotic cartridges. Customisation possibilities are practically infinite. No more need for expensive impedance plugs! The entirely passive RIAA equalisation network of the Black Cube Statement is realised with high precision foil capacitors. Bass coupling between the two linear gain stages is even realised with an MKP type. All resistors are of the low noise metal film variety. The switches for gain and load settings have gold plated contacts.

Because of the small outer dimensions the Black Cube Statement can be placed next to the turntable. This minimizes loss due to cable lengths. The external AC power supply keeps magnetic interference away from the audio section

Lehmannaudio has always been paying special attention to details: the case of the audio section is made of nonmagnetic materials and is even equipped with a top cover equipped with a special antiresonance treatment. $399 Lehmann Audio

Damaged Goods

That's what I am today! Halloween proved to be a helluva good time. I brought Mr. Darwin out on his last night stateside before going home to the UK. We went to see Jon Dee Graham and James McMurtry at the Continental Club. Good Times! I never in a million years would've imagined seeing James McMurtry dressed up like Dorothy from Oz. Keeping Austin Weird!