Naim Night Was Epic!

It’s 10am the morning after Naim came to town. The turnout was excellent. I’d say around 70-80 folks came throughout the evening. The keg of Real Ale Fireman’s 4 floated and my head hurts.. I saw lots of folks I haven’t seen in a while and met some new ones. It occurred to me that I should probably have a throw down more often.

The Bentley Continental Supersports was beyond nice. Sitting in a $285,000 car made me wish I had gotten into banking. I didn’t get to drive it but I revved it up and jammed out to some Alex Chilton. I was going to kick out some syrup induced Screw, but didn’t have any. My ’96 Toyota truck is worth about as much as the windshield wiper. A big “Thank You” to Jason from Bentley of Austin for bringing the sweet ride by for us to molest.

The Naim gear was great. I think the NDX is going to be a hugely popular product. I’ve finally got my head around the whole network streaming thing. After spending the last three weeks loading all my CD’s into the UnitiServe, I can tell you it’s worth it. All my music at my fingertips is convenient. The app works great. The days of whole house wiring are over.

Doug Graham gave various dems throughout the evening between trips to oogle the Bentley. We had the Uniti, UnitiServe, UnitiQute, DAC in one system and 282/ HiCap, 250, NDX and Ovator 400 in another. Switching back and forth over the evening.

I brought Dave & Doug out to my favorite late night taco trailer. A lifesaver. I got to bed around 3:00am…

Here’s a write up about the event from The Vinyl Anachronist


Naim Night Thursday, October 21 6-9pm

Naim UK’s Doug Graham and Dave Dever from Naim USA will be coming to the shop October 21st. They will be introducing lots of new Naim goodies fresh from The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Jeff Dorgay from the awesome Tone Audio e-zine will be present as will Jason Schieck from Bentley of Austin who will be showing a Naim equipped car. I bet the trunk won’t even rattle! Brad Farbstein, owner of Real Ale, will be bringing a keg of delicious beer. This will be an awesome event!