Dali Loudspeakers!

HFC319.test.dalifront-728-75I’m pleased to announce the arrival of the first of several offerings from the Danish speaker company DALI. I just got in the Lektor 2 bookshelves. WOW! Huge sound from a tiny speaker. Front ported for a true bookshelf design. I’m happy to say that in my quest for good value and outstanding sound, the Lektor 2 is a shoe in for my entry level speaker at just $475 a pair!

Shop will be closed February 4th-9th…

new-york-city-skyline-blue-largeI’m going to New York City!!! This is the first vacation without kids that my wife and I have taken in 7 years!! While I’m there, I’ll be attending John DeVore’s Monkeyhaus! A tour of the DeVore factory and hopefully Box Furniture. I’m also gonna kick it with Steve Mishoe at his shop In Living Stereo. I will be posting highlights of the trip here later. If you know of some cool places I should check out, let me know!

I’m always reachable by cell 512-784-8282 and by email brian@whetstoneaudio.com

Naim UnitiQute

This “cutie” is Naim’s newest “all in one” product. Read about the Qute HERE…..

Yeah! All that for only $1995. Add some Rega RS1 speakers for $695 and you have a amazing system for under $3K!! The Qute will be available in March 2010. Come in and hear the Uniti today!

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New Kudos X2 speakers PRE ORDER NOW!

It’s been a long wait but Derek Gilligan has been working around the clock to get the X2 on the streets. I’m taking PRE ORDERS NOW. Half down and I’ll order you some. The X2 will be $2495 in your choice of finish. Walnut, Cherry, Rosewood or Sycamore. Whetstone Audio is the only venue for Kudos Loudspeakers in the US at this time. Dealers please contact me if you want to pick up Kudos for your shop. If you don’t know, Kudos are a small Loudspeaker company from Durham, England and go VERY well with most brands, most notably with Naim. They use the highest quality drivers including the Seas Excel and Crescendo tweeters.

Heres a pic of the X2 and C-20.



X2 $2495

C-1 $3495

C-2 $4495

C-10 $5495

C-20 $7495

C-30 $9495

S-50 speaker stands $450