Austin Chronicle Critic’s Pick Award!

After years of preaching the virtues of good, sensible sound systems I got an award!
"Never mind the big-box stores with 1,000 multipiece systems all from the same mold. If you love the sound of music when it comes across warm, clear and true, there's a system at Whetstone with your name on it. Isoblue! Rega! Cyrus! Music to audiophile's ears - but without the snooty snottiness. A treat for the eyes too as each tower is an architectural feat of art and machine. Can't decide what to play? Proprietor Brian stocks an impressive collection of vinyl worthy for such towers. The local brainpowerthat's geeked out to the tunes of well-honed gear here cannot be measured in decibels. What can be measured is the trust, knowledge, reliability and customer service that has kept this shop of audio dreams in business and a local favorite for 13 years."

Train nearly collides with shop!

Yesterday I was talking with someone at the shop and when we walked outside we saw this! The weird thing is that we didn't hear it. The first engine went over a loose track and it popped up piercing the gas tank of the second engine, derailing them both. Luckily, no one was hurt, but it took 45 minutes for the Firemen and Cops to show up!