NAIM NIGHT Thursday, October 21st !!!

Naim UK’s Doug Graham and Dave Dever from Naim USA will be coming to the shop October 21st. They will be introducing lots of new Naim goodies fresh from The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Jeff Dorgay from the awesome Tone Audio e-zine will be present as will Jason Schieck from Bentley of Austin who will be showing a Naim equipped car. I bet the trunk won’t rattle! Stay Tuned for more info. as the date gets closer! This will be a great event!

That cool Colorado rain. August 13-23


It’s that time again! I’ll be soaking at my favorite hot springs and getting ready for another school year! Kiddos are going into 3rd and 6th grade this year! Whew! I’ll be reachable on my cell 512-784-8282 and email Please don’t hesitate to leave a message! I will be checking it often.

Just another several days mate, two weeks tops, honest!

This is the entire world of Hi-Fi delivery in a nutshell. Introduce awesome, life / business changing product at CES, patiently wait for it’s release for another year or so. Pass by the proposed due date. Manufacturer says “two more weeks” and we finally get it in six months later…. This is what we call “Vapor Ware” in the biz. This one is really killing me because it’s so ultra cool. It really is! The good news is that it’s usually worth the wait! Reminds me of those “Star Wars is coming” commercials as a kid.