NEW Rega colored P3-24 Turntables and Integrated Amp!


Rega is introducing colored plinths again! This time they are in a lacquered finish and will come with the PSU (power supply) which will mean the P3 will be without a power switch on the table giving it a more streamlined look. Price is $1295 and will be available in October. I’m gonna get a “Rega Green” one in.


The new addition to Rega’s “cost no object” line-up is the Elicit integrated amp. It will be around $2900 and takes Rega amplification to a new level. Check it out on their web site. I should have one at the shop in a few weeks.

ARCHES in Moab, Utah

Here’s a pic of Wall Arch.  We went to Arches Natl. Park this summer.  I told my kids that there was an arch there that probably wouldn’t be around much longer.  Little did I know that it would collapse two weeks after we were there.  It made the grueling trip there worth it.


I was recently turned on to some great music blogs that let you download out of print records for FREE! iTunes?  WHATEVA’  Check these out! Also, check out the links on them. Happy downloading. My computer is smoking!
Baby Grandpa

My Jazz World

Dust to Dust

Sounds of the 70’s