Line Magnetic 218 IA

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one magnetic monkey!

LM 218IA 22 watt per channel 845 SET. Driver tubes can be switched to adjust flavor. The options are 6V6, 6L6, 6550, EL34, KT88, 5881 etc. Remote control, adjustable bias using built in meter. 4 and 8 ohm output taps. All point to point wiring used throughout. Comes with a tube cage. $3500

shake your rump to the funk!

Probably the best record I've ever found in a dollar record box. This record will blow minds and make you do exactly what it says... shake your rump! If you see a copy, pick it up! If you hate it, you have serious issues, like not knowing how to funk it up! The perfect fix to a sagging party.


Malvina Reynolds

Just picked up a nice used record called "Malvina". I was browsing the stacks at End Of An Ear and came across a peculiar looking record with an old lady on it. I flipped it over and read the songs. One caught my eye, "Little Boxes". I'm an avid Weeds fan and have the DVR set to "tape" each episode. The opening theme is "Little Boxes". I always liked it because it sums up every planned community in any city. I slapped it on one of the demo tables to make sure it was the same and it was. SCORE! The rest of the album is excellent, almost rockin'! Malvina was from San Francisco and hung with the likes of Pete Seeger. She even did some guest appearances on Sesame Street as "Kate". Her voice oddly reminds me of Victoria Williams. Malvina passed on in 1978.

“Flavor Bombs” is right!

In the new Stereophile, Sam Tellig has written a nice review for Unison Research's Simply Italy integrated amp. Sam used Harbeth Compact 7 loudspeakers and a Rega Apollo CD player with excellent results. US importers, Colleen Cardas & Mark Phillips kindly dropped one off here at the shop for you lucky Austinites to check out. Why read about it when you can experience it? Come hear this stunning combo here at the shop!