The Best Little Hi-Fi Shop in Texas!

Mark Phillips, AKA "The Vinyl Anachronist" came by the shop a few weeks ago and spent the day listening to music and talking shop. Here's his write up in PERFECT SOUND FOREVER
Now that I've got your attention...

Some cool in-store events are coming up next week!
Tuesday, June 8th @ 7pm The Austinist will be here spinning some new releases.
Saturday, June 12th @ 5pm Unseen Worlds Records will be here playing Elodie Lauten Piano Works

Ronnie James Dio R.I.P.

On May 16 at 7:45 am Ronnie James Dio passed away from stomach cancer at age 67. Dio was a great entertainer, amazing singer and all around nice guy. Heavy Metal has lost an icon!


Now In! Sinclair BT25 $449 a pair !!!

WOW! For a whopping $449 you can have some pretty darn good sounding towers! I have some more B15 book shelf speakers coming in ($249 see below). These are amazingly good for the money! Come hear 'em!

I got that record jones

Once upon a time there was a street in Austin called The Drag. Located across the street from University of Texas, The Drag was a street loaded with record shops, book stores, coffee shops, arcades and cheap eats. Then the 90's came to a close and everything died there along with the Dot Com bust. Even The Gap and Tower Records closed. This was where my first shop was located. It's now a Tattoo / Piercing studio called Diablo Rojo. Belly button piercings are better biz than hi-fi.... whatever. There was a record shop there called Inner Sanctum. The owner has opened up his home for the past few weeks to unload the remainder of his record stash. This is a pic from Friday morning. A bunch of dudes waiting for him to open up. The funny thing is that there was a sign on the door saying "I have a cold, closed until next week" Even so, people were waiting hoping he would show up. I felt like I was "waiting for my man" ie. Lou Reed. After 15 minutes someone mentioned the sign and I left... Jonesing for black gold.

Audiophile Silence of the Lambs!!!

An excellent example of a gacked out Audiophool. Loves his cables more than women? Lives in his mom's basement doing meth? Probably giving out "great" advice on various audio forums. So Scary!! Watch with the lights on!

DeVore Nines coming back in!!!!

I've been waiting a few months to get these back in. I stupidly sold my demos not knowing they were back ordered. DeVore are doing their best to keep up with the high demand. A great problem to have! John says he's all caught up, so No Fear! They will be here in a few days. How 'bout that Wild Cherry finish!! and NO, you can't buy my dems.

musical fidelity v-series…

UPS came today with the new V series from Musical Fidelity. The line includes the V-DAC DAC, V-CAN Headphone amp, V-LPS mm / mc phono pre amp and V-PSU optional power supply upgrade that powers all three components. Naturally the first one I hooked up was the $299 DAC. I've been jonesing for a good inexpensive DAC. I plugged my MacBook up and was impressed. An easy way to turn your computer into a decent source. As I write this, I'm listening to The Stones, Sucking In the 70's on the V-LPS. For the small fee of $149 you can unlock those grooves. I have the budget Rega P1 with stock Ortofon playing through it. Treble isn't harsh and scratchy, warm mids and tight bass. Up against the similarly priced Rega Fono mini, I think I prefer the V-LPS by a tad. It's cutting hairs though. MC? Well hold on.. Ima be hookin' up the P5 / DV 20X-L...... When the Whip Comes Doooowwwwn!!! Nice! Not a Dynavector P-75 in Dr. T mode, but not shabby! V-CAN? I'll get around to it. I'm sure it's along the same quality as the rest so I won't waste your time. I'm really glad I got this stuff in. Come by for a listen! IMAG0315_2