Guru Junior in the house!!

I just received the first pair in the US for review. WOW!! A teeny tiny speaker (7″x9″x11″) with enormous bass! These go deeeeeep! Obviously a transmission line design done right. Playing some Bunny Wailer through them is pretty fun. The bass is tight, low and tuneful. Check out this What Hi-Fi Review They’re currently playing nicely with the Heed Obelisk SI integrated and matching Obelisk X2 power supply… another blog entry for later. Condo dweller / small room people listen up! I have your speaker! $1250


More New Naim… NAIT!

The Evolution of NAIT
The NAIT amplifier, first launched in 1983, is one of Naim’s most iconic products. Early models are still much sought after by music enthusiasts. In celebration of Naim’s 40th anniversary, three new and improved integrated amplifiers are superseding the existing NAIT 5si, NAIT XS 2 and SUPERNAIT. The new products will be put into production in mid-July.


In true Naim tradition all three amplifiers feature larger mains transformers and improved power supplies. Power supply is key to the performance of any hi-fi product and arguably more so in the performance of an amplifier. An improvement to a power supply can often be seen on the test bench, but much more significant is the performance increase it brings to the real world of music playing.

The existing amplifiers have gained a solid reputation for delivering a musical performance at the top of their respective classes. These new and improved models will only enhance this reputation.

Naim are especially proud of the consistency of ‘voice’ or character of the three new NAITs. Upgrading from a NAIT 5si to an NAIT XS 2 or from a NAIT XS 2 to a SUPERNAIT 2 brings more power, a wider dynamic range, more slam, lower noise, a more defined more powerful low end but intrinsically the character remains the same.


The new Naim DAC V1 and NAP100 power amp are now on the floor! If you are looking for a desktop system with huge huevos or a simple digital only system, look no further! This DAC is a serious contender! I’ve already posted a lot about them… just come listen! Your eyes are deaf. (excuse the horrible iphone pic, I can’t find my camera!)

Your Hump Day Honey!


I’m back from a whirlwind weekend! I played a gig in San Antonio Saturday night with The Eastside Blues Alliance and then drove to Dallas on Sunday morning. Partied with a friend and then met with The Sound Organisation on Monday morning to check out some Naim goodies! The DAC V-1 and NAP-100 amp are simply the best desk top audio system available. I should have some here to demo in… “two weeks mate”..