The new Rega Elicit-R is in and the Aria mm/mc phono pre amp is coming. For a VERY LIMITED time, I’m accepting your Brio-R as a trade in and giving 100% of it’s original cost ($895) towards the Elicit-R ($2995)!! This gives you a chance to upgrade and will enable some people to experience the “gateway amp”, Brio-R, at a reduced cost! It’s a win win for everyone! Come on in and give it a listen! HERE’S A REVIEW!

Dupree LP’s back in stock! HOTTT!!! get ’em while you can!

This is the first release from the Jim Eno imprint, Public Hi-Fi Records.

Dupree have played and learned from the masters of the B3 trio art form. That’s what they do. It’s what they love to do. In clubs, to real people…most surprisingly, deep in the heart of Texas.

Just running down about 15 songs live in an afternoon…one or two takes at the most. Pick the good uns’ and put ’em on wax.

100% Analog – Recorded live to 2 track tape and pressed directly to 180 Gram Limited Edition Colored Vinyl.

Recorded and produced by Jim Eno (Spoon, Heartless Bastards, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears and The Relatives.)

Download Card Included

Don’t whine when they’re all gone! $20

Line Magnetic 755i… they’re here!!

I ended up driving to the shipping warehouse in Round Rock to pick these bad boys up! I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait another two days until they got a truck with a lift gate. I’m glad I did! These are the most unusual speakers I have owned. A complete different beast compared to your average speaker. When the power supplies and amp warm up… look out! Insane realism, resolution and low distortion. Not the best speaker for the Rock and Roll set, but if you are into acoustic and simply recorded music, you are in for a treat! I have another 289 hours of break in to go! Once they’re settled in, I’ll be having a Hootenanny!


Heed Obelisk Si integrated amp and X2 power supply

A perfect match made in heaven! I decided to play wedding photographer. Here’s a lovely shot of the Guru QM10-2 loudspeakers and the Heed Obelisk Si and X2 power supply. They look so nice, dontcha’ think? I recently got the Heed Obelisk X2 power supply in to soup up the already excellent Si integrated. The X2 is heavy! I turned it on for a listen and powered down to move it and the light stayed on for HOURS! This thing holds some juice! It greatly improves the overall sound and even adds about 10 watts of power, turning the Si into 50 watts. There’s an upgrade path onboard the Si. You can choose either a MM phono board or DAC. Who says your stereo has to be enormous and fugly? The next time your significant other gripes about not wanting an ugly stereo, show them this!


Happy Hump Day! Where are my field coils?

I’m diligently waiting for the LM 755i to arrive. I even showed up EARLY this morning! Gazing down the street and looking for a truck isn’t going to make it come any faster. Wait!! A truck!! ugh.. not it. Oh well, here’s a hump day hi-fi honey! “Whetstone Audio, your only NSFW hi-fi website!”