Heed Obelisk Si integrated amp and X2 power supply

A perfect match made in heaven! I decided to play wedding photographer. Here’s a lovely shot of the Guru QM10-2 loudspeakers and the Heed Obelisk Si and X2 power supply. They look so nice, dontcha’ think? I recently got the Heed Obelisk X2 power supply in to soup up the already excellent Si integrated. The X2 is heavy! I turned it on for a listen and powered down to move it and the light stayed on for HOURS! This thing holds some juice! It greatly improves the overall sound and even adds about 10 watts of power, turning the Si into 50 watts. There’s an upgrade path onboard the Si. You can choose either a MM phono board or DAC. Who says your stereo has to be enormous and fugly? The next time your significant other gripes about not wanting an ugly stereo, show them this!