Rick Perry proclaims October “Texas Music Month”

Texas is world-renowned for its eclectic music scene. Marked by the contributions of musical legends such as Buddy Holly, "Blind" Lemon Jefferson, Willie Nelson, ZZ Top and Selena, Texans have made an incalculable contribution to music. That is why we say, "You can't hear American music without hearing Texas."

The Lone Star State has long enjoyed a wealth of great musical artists. With its phenomenal growth during the last two decades, Texas' music industry competes internationally to attract songwriters, performers and industry professionals. With nearly 8,000 regularly performing Texas bands and ensembles, the music business is a vibrant and important sector of our economy, providing jobs as well as entertainment for this great state. Our music industry also sparks tourism, as visitors from across the country travel to Texas for festivals such as South by Southwest.

To highlight the importance of the Texas music industry and recognize the accomplishments of our many great musicians, an appreciation campaign is being conducted during the month of October.

At this time, I encourage all Texans to recognize the many contributions of the music industry and those who create great music in our state.

Therefore, I, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, do hereby proclaim October 2011 to be
Texas Music Month

in Texas, and urge the appropriate
recognition whereof.

In official recognition whereof,
I hereby affix my signature this the
11th day of September, 2011.

Governor of Texasrick perry

Kuzma Stogi + Stabi = sweetness!

I just got the Kuzma table set up. Very nice table! I'm digging the uni-pivot. Set up was a learning curve, but pretty easy overall. Put a Dynavector 10x5 on it for now. Come hear it! Big time WOW factor.

opposites attract!

I bumped into Hayes in the free booze line at ACL! It was difficult shaking his hand with three cups of Vodka /soda in my hands... helluva nice guy. Now go buy KMAG YOYO!

Chord Cable USB

chord usb
Responding to demand from computer audiophiles requesting a Chord quality USB cable, the USB SilverPlus launches with no pretensions to technical supremacy through advanced materials or unique construction techniques. It does however benefit from twenty years’ experience in designing cables that make a real difference.

ACL Recap

Had a great time!! Here are a few pics! You'll have to come by the shop for the juicy stories.
gillian welch


manu chau

new records in the shop!

I just got a pretty big shipment in of some new records. I cracked open The Wheedle's Groove record called Kearney Barton. Mr. Barton runs Audio Recording in Seattle. He recorded The Sonics and The Wailers back in the early 60's. This is one of the best sounding records I've heard in a long time. All new funk music recorded on vintage gear with a true master.

macek solid arts


Mark Macek just dropped off the chisel table from Macek Solid Arts. It makes one excellent turntable stand! Mark and I are collaborating on a stereo credenza. Remember those old, all-in one, stereos your parents had with the built in turntable, amp and speakers? Well, we're doing one that's more up to date. On board will be a Naim UnitiQute, Rega RP3 turntable and Rega RS-1 speakers. It will make it's debut at The Guild Of Austin Artisans Exhibit on October 7th.

ACL, this weekend!

Normally I shy away from big festivals and events where there are too many people. I went to ACL about six years ago and said to myself, "never again". Waiting in line, on the verge of heatstroke, to get money from a robbing ATM only to stand in another line to purchase $5 bottles of water is not my idea of fun. Well, I told this to the right person and he granted me my wish... two all access passes to the fest!! Now, instead of buying water, I'll be hanging out backstage drinking free booze in the artist's lounge!! Sweet! Not a bad way to celebrate my birthday!

This means I'll be bugging out of the shop a bit early on Friday and Saturday. Call before you head over to make sure I'm there.

Indeed, some Heed!

Bob Clarke of Profundo Imports recently moved to Austin. He dropped by the other day with some new offerings from Heed. He said he needed my help breaking in some new gear... it's a hard job but someones got to do it! Here are the new Heed DT transport and DA DAC. I'll be getting the Obelisk integrated in the near future.

Cavity Club Reunion

The Cavity Club was a punk rock venue in Austin. There is going to be a reunion with lots of old school bands. I was one of many drummers in Jesus Christ Superfly (who spontaneously combusted). It should be a good time to remember how great Austin used to be back in the Reagan / Bush I era. Rent was cheap, beer was cheap and Austin had a vibrant music scene. Pre iPhone, Facebook and needless texting. We still had Liberty Lunch, The Electric Lounge, Steamboat and The Black Cat. Hipsters weren't born yet or were in diapers. Y'know, "the good old days"!

New Grado Headphone! PS500

Introducing the new PS500

It is a masterful hand that crafts the heart and soul of every Grado product.

That hand has the benefit of close to 60 years of knowledge in designing and manufacturing truly the world's finest audio products.

The PS 500 is a compact monitoring headphone that will put a smile on the face of the most demanding music professional and demanding audiophiles.

Experience the heart and soul of music.

John Grado

The Vinyl Countdown!!

Join me this coming Thursday, September 8th, at The Dive Bar for the second monthly installment of The Vinyl Countdown. You bring some records and I'll play them on a different system each month. This week I'll bring the Rega RP3, Triode TRV 35se integrated tube amp and possibly the Zu Omens (or Rega RS5 speakers... depends on my back that day!) This month's theme is "Soul Motion". R&B, Soul and Funk! Bonus Points for the weird and rare! Here's a super great example:

Well Tempered Amadeus and vintage Planar 2

Just got the Amadeus back in! Set up is easy. Not Rega easy, but not too bad. I slapped the Zu DL-103 cartridge on it into the A23 step up / cables, Leben phono pre and CS-600 to Harbeth C7's. How can it NOT sound freakin' great?

I also just finished my Rega Planar 2 rebuild. Everything is new except the plinth, platter and dustcover. New 24v motor upgrade, hub / bearing and RB700 arm. I was going to sell it, but I think it may have to come home with me. I have one at home that I rebuilt with the RB301... $895, any takers?