#1 Beatles Fan!

This is Erika Bale. She’s seen the Beatles over 200 times!! Erika used to skip school and see them at The Cavern Club during their tea time set. She said they played twice a day and she would go both times. She was a fan when they were just a little skiffle band from Liverpool. I asked her if she was one of those screaming girls. “Oh No! I was a fan before all that nonsense.” She even had dinner with Pete Best! Erika was super cool!

Jeff Magid from Columbia records told an entertaining story. He was listening to one of the Beatles test pressings and heard a faint chirping noise. After checking cables and listening again, it was gone. Then it returned. He moved a speaker and there was a small beatle behind it. The bug flew at him and he screamed! Then he promptly smashed the beatle..(sorry PETA). heh heh..