Gillian Welch @ Stubbs

My wife,”Precious” and I had a date and saw Gillian Welch last night. We hopped on the new train for a buck each and ended up in the middle of the ROT Ralley…motorcycle mayhem! Lots of dudes who looked like Dog the Bounty Hunter and their “old ladies”. We grabbed a slice at Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza wondering how someone could work a 12 hour shift listening to Slayer non-stop. We made a quick escape to Lovejoys for a even quicker pint and then off to Stubbs. Gillian did two sets that were nothing short of a spiritual experience. She touched upon all of her records and many off her new release, The Harrow & The Harvest. Ms. Welch and Dave Rawlings tore it up for two hours and saved her epic song Miss Ohio and Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit for the encore. If they come to your town, don’t miss them!