• Innuos Music Servers

    Innuos offers three different music servers. All are extremely easy to set up and use!
  • Leben CS-600 Integrated Amplifier

    The Leben CS600 continues to amaze me.  It uses 6L6 or EL34 power tubes and is hand built in Japan. She loves to date DeVore speakers and is looking for a long term relationship.
  • Leben CS300F integrated amp

    The Leben CS-300F is an integrated amplifier with 15 watts of tube power - through the GE JAN-6197 valves previously used only for computers (JAN - Joint Army and Navy). They are l...
  • Leben CS300xs

    The Leben CS300s is on my short list of "all time favorites" This little 15 watt EL84 based push pull has mas cajones than most amps twice it's size. The sound is addicting. A swee...
  • Line Magnetic 211ia Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier

    The smallest Line Magnetic amp in the shop.  The 211ia delivers! This EL34 based push pull amp can drive most speakers.  This is the one to get your feet wet with.  The 216ia is si...
  • Line Magnetic 218ia Integrated Vacuum SET Tube Amplifier

    This amp was my foray into the single ended triode World.  The day I got it in I had to return that evening to spend more time with it.  I brought my friends and we had a party!  I...
  • Line Magnetic 219ia AKA “Beast”

    140 pounds of heavy metal! This is "The Beast". Taking the SET (single ended triode) thing to new frontiers. The 219a will produce chills while at the same time heat your room. 20 ...
  • Line Magnetic 501ia Integrated Vacuum Tube Amplifier

    Need an amp with some cajones?  This KT120 powered push pull should do the trick. 100 watts of pure tube magic!  Bring me your Magnapans!!
  • Line Magnetic 508ia

    The newest addition to the magnificent Line Magnetic line. The 508 is a 805 based SET amp delivering 48 watts of seductive tube sound.
  • Line Magnetic 515CD Vacuum Tube CD Player

    Yes, people still use CDs.  Yes, this one has a USB port so you can hook up your computer. Yes, this one has a tube output and uses the DAC from the 502CA.  Yes, it's the last...
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