• DeVore Gibbon X

    The newest and biggest offering from Brooklyn Navy Yard's DeVore Fidelity!  These will make you feel like the Memorex Tape Guy..  "You Are There" realism. These will simply kn...
  • Dynavector 10×5 mk2

    One of my all favorite cartridges.  I've been putting these on Rega turntables for years!  It's like Peanut Butter and Jelly.  A no brainer..
  • Dynavector 20X2

    A step up from the 10X5, the 20X2 is available in a high or low output configuration.
  • Dynavector P-75 Mk4 phono stage

    The P-75 is my "go to" phono pre.  It's excellent!  The last one you'll ever need. The P-75 is really three pre amps in one.  MM, MC and Phono Enhancement mode (recommend...
  • Flux Sonic Stylus Cleaner

    15 seconds and your stylus will be crystal clean!
  • Funk Firm LSD

  • Grado eGrado

    The ultimate lightweight Grado!  I use these all the time when I'm on the Hike & Bike trail.  They're a SR60e with a lightweight headpiece.  A total Beats Killer!  In...
  • Grado SR 125e

    Best Sellers!  These will Beat you up!
  • Grado SR 225e

    Kanye hear me?  These have incredible artistic merit.
  • Grado SR 325e