• Auditorium 23 Hommage turntable mat

    Thicker version. I highly recommend the Hommage mat for the Well Tempered turntables.
  • Auditorium 23 interconnect

    Simply the best interconnect I've ever heard. It doesn't come in a special box or have a silly name but it does sound amazing!
  • Auditorium 23 speaker cables

    Look no further. These outperform silly priced "five figure" cables. Hand made in Germany.  These don't come off a reel. Cloth jacket based on Western Electric. These sing wit...
  • Auditorium 23 Step Up Transformer

    The A23 step up will transform your MC cartridge to realms never thought possible.  Use the A23 interconnects for best results.
  • Auditorium 23 turntable mat

    Upgrade from a felt mat, these won't static cling to your records. Improved overall sound.
  • Bandwidth Kaskode One phono preamplifier

    Handmade in Chicago USA! The Class-A all tube signal path utilizes the finest NOS special quality (SQ) tubes, creating one of the lowest noise fully integrated tube phono st...
  • Brinkmann Bardo & 10.0 arm

    German engineering at it's finest! This is the most serious turntable I've had in the shop. It uses a magnetic direct drive motor and is absolutely silent. It's a...
  • DeVore Fidelity – Gibbon 3XL

    What's not to love about a DeVore speaker?  The 3XL delivers the goods and has matching stands.  Perfect for a smaller room.
  • DeVore Fidelity – Orangutan O/93

    The 0/93. Baby brother to the 0/96. This one was a game changer for me. Sounds great with SET amps!  Pair it with the Line Magnetic or Leben amps for a great system!
  • DeVore Fidelity – Orangutan O/96

    The best selling DeVore speaker of all time! This is the one you want!  Pair this with Thöress or Leben amps and you have something very very special.
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