Merason Frerot DAC

After the MERSON DAC-1 caused a sensation in the audiophile scene, the Swiss
manufacturer Dafraud is now introducing a little brother to the DAC-1. The suitably called frérot – “little brother” – is based on the large DAC-1 in terms of sound and technology and comes with a much smaller housing. In addition, the frérot is significantly cheaper ($1,250).



In terms of sound, the MERASON frérot is synonymous with analog music playback; technically Dafraud relies on the proven BurrBrown 1794A converters as with the DAC-1 While two of these chips work in mono mode in the DAC-1, a single 1794A is responsible for both channels in the frérot. The signal processing is also carried out symmetrically in the frérot. The analog class A output amplifiers are built discretely. At the inputs, the frérot USB offers two RCA sockets for S / PFDIF signals and two optical Toslink connections. The input is selected using a high-quality Elma coding switch on the front, and the analog output signal is output symmetrically at XLR sockets and unbalanced at RCA sockets. The MERASON frérot processes only PCM data up to 24 bit / 192 kHz.