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My Trip To Louisiana!

I had a whirlwind of a weekend!
First, we dropped our son off to college at Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches Texas! We said our tearful goodbyes and continued down the road to Monroe, Louisiana. We got a good night sleep and met up with my client in the morning. He's been slowly building his system with me for the past two years! His system consists of a Box Furniture Rack, Rega RP10 turntable, Dynavector XX2 cartridge, Auditorium 23 Hommage T1 SUT and cables, Harbeth 40.2 loudspeakers, Vibex Generalife power conditioner, Leben CS1000P power amp and Leben RS-28CX pre amp with MM phono stage on board. The last items to round out the system were the Leben amps and A23 SUT. I said I certainly needed to make a road trip to put it all together! The end result was very satisfying!

"Many Thanks Brian!! We have effectively nailed a two decade search! I just could never find the synergy until you hooked up the Leben and Harbeth in your shop!! We kinda took it to a pretty high level-NO DOUBT!!!!! Good things come to those who wait, as they say....."

After that, the wife and I headed down to New Orleans!

Pool Party with the wonderful Sue & Jimmy Ford of Dinola!

Caught The Hot 8 Brass Band!

...and spent an extra day getting pickled!

Go Commando!

I just got in some Groove Washer Commando cleaning kits and the SC1 stylus cleaners. These products do a great job keeping your records in tip top shape! They're not even outrageously priced! Commando $12.95 / SC1 $19.95

Flux Hi-Fi


Flux Hi-Fi have developed what they believe to be the finest stylus cleaner ever available. Every aspect of the design was considered: The exact vibration frequency. pad material, cleaning fluid, LED lighting for increased visibility- every small detail was poured over and tested for countless hours. The result gives complete and absolutely safe cleaning. check it out


Thöress WOWS Ft. Worth


This past weekend I had the pleasure of demoing the Thöress FF pre and 845 mono blocks in Ft. Worth, Texas. My client wanted to hear them with his awesome Tannoy Westminster Royal SE speakers. I couldn't wait to hook them up! These are one of the Worlds best speakers! Would these 20 watt SET amps power these behemoths? You betcha! The THÖ / Tannoy combo proved to be an excellent match! If my shop weren't 700 square feet I'd get some in! Lots of folks came by to hear it. Everyone was in agreement that it was an amazing set-up. I have no doubt that Thöress is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the World of luxury tube amps. My client has quite a collection of the Worlds best amps, but the Thöress gear will be sitting front and center for years to come!

Hell Yes! Finally Some Decent Music!

My buddy Mike Flanigin plays a helluva good B3. His new record, The Drifter, is coming out soon, It's a literal "who's who" of Austin musicians. Even ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons is on it! How's that for street cred! It's already been declared #1 blues record on iTunes. Seriously! Buy this one. It don't suck! Check it out HERE

Ponderosa Stomp!!!

This is not to be missed! I'm going! I should be going to The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest... but I've had this trip planned for quite some time! These are the last living pioneers of Rock and Roll, Blues and Soul! This will not be repeated in Branson. This is the real deal in the realest town in the World, New Orleans!

Thöress Phono Entzerrer!


Dear Music Lovers,

our tube-based fully active Parametric Phono Equalizer (”The Phono Enhancer”) is
probably the most versatile phono device world wide - and certainly one of the finest
sounding ones, regardless of price !

Not only that it offers 6 inputs for various types of cartridges and customizable loads on
any MC input. The Enhancer features a novel kind of tone control facility based on a
truly outstanding circuit topology, such avoiding any clumsy conventional tone control
ciruitry. Hereby the 3 edge frequencies (time constants) of the phono deemphassis curve
itsself are made adjustable within wide limits via three 6-position-rotary-switches.
One of the settings adresses the most widely used ""RIAA correction"", of course,
which actually refers to the “”New Ortophonic Playback Curve”” established by RCA
along with the vinyl Microgroove Records in the early 1950s.

These tone control facilities will be found extremely usefull and most effective for
restoring all kinds of tonal artifacts which may have been introduced during the various
manufactoring processes of a given record , while this cannot be achieved in the
conventional manner via “treble-and-bass” tone regulators (relying on one fixed edge
frequency) - not to mention the sound degrading sideeffects involved with such a
topology. Tonal restoration is known to be beneficial with monaural records but in fact
numerous records from the Stereo era will be found to considerably gain from the subtle
restoration facilities provided by the Enhancer too.

In view of all these features, our minimlistic but nevertheless most sophisticated
Parametric Phono Equalizer fully deserves to be called a "Phono Enhancer".

Greetings from Germany,

Reinhard Thöress

A Tribute to Profesional Audio Equipment
from the Golden Age of the Electronic Tube.

Audioengine B1 Bluetooth / DAC Receiver! $189

AUSTIN, Texas - August 7th, 2014 - Audioengine® today introduced the Audioengine B1 Premium Bluetooth® Music Receiver. The B1 is a high-fidelity audio component that easily integrates into your music system and plays music directly from your library or streams from any app. The B1 streams high-quality audio from any Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone, computer, or tablet to Audioengine powered speakers, a stereo receiver, or any music system.

Easy setup
We’ve made Bluetooth device pairing extremely easy and no special setup or software is required.

Upgrade your Bluetooth
You already have Bluetooth on your tablet, computer, or phone, so connect the Audioengine B1 to your existing system and experience stunning wireless audio quality and range. The B1 offers aptX, 24-bit upsampling DAC, and extended range.

“No longer is Bluetooth a one-room wireless solution with mediocre audio quality. The simplified setup of the B1, longer-range wireless and incredible sound all make B1 a game-changer,” says Audioengine Director, Dave Evans. "Our goal was to take Bluetooth to the next level and we feel the B1 exceeds our expectations - and we hope our customers agree."

Easy setup, connects in seconds
Plug-n-play, no software to install
Superior sound and extended range
Streams audio from any media player
Connects to any music system
24-bit upsampling DAC (same DAC as the Audioengine D1)

John Aielli


Radio is unlistenable unless you're "left of the dial". John Aielli's Eklektikos show started 48 years ago! It's indeed eclectic. The shows have themes and Mr. Aielli's insights are somewhat peculiar at times. Sometimes there is dead air. Sometimes you're blown away and sometimes you want to slap a bumper sticker on your car warning others. Love him or hate him, John is part of what made Austin "weird". Check his show out on KUTX 98.9.


Aielli in Austin Monthly

Pro Tips!

Shit John Aielli Says


The first two orders are SOLD OUT! Order NOW to shorten your wait!
Come hear it! I have one and Justine's Brasserie will be sporting one shortly.

Buy a RP8 turntable and ARIA phono stage.
Get a FREE Apheta cartridge!

REGA UPGRADE PROGRAM (only at whetstone audio)

RP1 Turntables trading up to a RP3 or higher will receive up to $250 credit.
BRIO-R owners will get up to $500 credit towards the new ELEX-R or ELICIT-R!
APOLLO-R owners will get up to $500 credit towards the SATURN-R.


First it was the Elicit returning from yore, now it’s the Elex, one of the first integrated amps Rega Research made more than two decades ago. The 2014 iteration is the Elex-R, based on two highly-acclaimed amps from the current range, the entry-level Brio-R and heavyweight Elicit-R.

Of course, it’s nothing much like its namesake from the past. According to the Rega literature, the Elex-R is a “sublime blend of the Brio-R design with the power circuits and advanced phono stage of the Elicit-R”. This should certainly make it a tempting prospect for Rega fans who yearned for more power than the former had but who could not quite step up to the latter.

Specifications for the Elex-R are:
- 90 watts per channel into 6 ohm, 72 watts into 8 ohm
- Four line inputs, preamp out and record out
- High-specification integrated phono stage (MM)
- Full-width case with improved heat dissipation
- New custom transformer
- Combined feedback and passive volume control preamp
- Enhanced power supplies for the driver stage
- Dedicated mini remote handset
- $1795
- Coming July 2014

Jim Eno delivers pizza to Whetstone Audio!!

No!!!! Just kidding!. He did, however, bring by an acetate of a new Public Hi-Fi release. What is it, you ask? I can't tell you. I'm sworn to secrecy. I can tell you it's a 12" 45 rpm limited edition EP and he plays drums on it. Listening was done through a Rega RP6, Rega Aria phono stage, Line Magnetic 218ia integrated and DeVore O/93 loudspeakers. A23 cables.

rega aria phono stage on the floor!

ARIA-BACK-PANELThe Aria incorporates many innovative design ideas including a self-adjusting servo control to keep the MC input circuit at its optimum, compensating for any variations in ambient or operating temperature. Both stages have their own separate input sockets and input pre-amplifier circuitry. This enabled Rega to design bespoke input circuitry for each cartridge type without compromise. Signal switching is performed at high level and low impedance ensuring there is no degradation of the signal.

New Musical Fidelity V90-DAC! $299!!!

The V90 DAC is the perfect way to upgrade the performance of a wide range of music sources. Housed in a solid yet discreet case, it unites sleek design and technical excellence to offer unrivalled musical enjoyment.
Offering Coax, Toslink and USB digital inputs, the V90-DAC is the ideal partner for a wide array of audio equipment. From PC and MAC computers, music streamers and set-top boxes to more conventional music sources such as CD and digital radio the V90-DAC delivers high-end sound quality at an affordable price.
The V90-DAC deploys a state-of-the-art 32Bit DAC housed in solid yet discreet attractive brushed aluminum case. It unites sleek design and technical excellence to offer unrivaled musical enjoyment.
V90 DAC Front Angle Right WEB


My good friends at 3D Design / Fab-ulous, built some very nice shelves for the shop! Now I have more space to play real life Tetris!

goodies, goodies and more goodies!!!

What a week! I've gotten in a slew of new gear! I'm not sure how I'm going to break it all in! New to the shop today are the EVOLVED Naim Nait 5si and xs2 integrated amps with redesigned power supplies AND 1/4" headphone outputs! Coming early next week, the Rega Aria mm / mc phono pre amp!


Line Magnetic LM-501 IA on the floor!!

The new Gold Series LM-501 IA is one beautiful amp! The white transformer covers and cage look great against the gold faceplate! Very solid fit and finish. This Class AB integrated amp uses four KT-120 output tubes in a push / pull configuration to generate 100 watts. The pre amp section uses common 12AX7 & 12AU7 tubes. The driver tubes are a pair of 6SN7. The VU meters double as Bias meters. Biasing is super easy. There is a bypass switch so you can use an outboard pre amp if you wish to. The LM-501 is effortlessly slapping my Harbeth HL5 loudspeakers into submission! They have that signature Line Magnetic bass...deep, tuneful and controlled. Percussion is detailed. Overall presentation is balanced with excellent timing. I probably shouldn't be having this much fun! Come help me break it in!

New Relatives Record!

Last night we had a impromptu party to listen to the new Relatives EP. It's gonna be a 45 12" to give more bandwidth, ie. deep, funky bass! Side A is called "Bad Trip". A full length is coming out on Yep Roc records. The Heavy / Light guys, Noel Waggener & Balan Villanueva, along with producer, Jim Eno and drummer Matt Strmiska all agreed, this record is slammin'!

Rippity McRippington!

Ripping a ton more CD's into the new two terabyte Naim UnitiServe. It's a pain in the arse but you only have to do it once and then all of your music is at your fingertips. No more plastic jewel cases! That in itself is reason enough to get one. UnitiServe will also rip your CD's way better than your computer. It's a difference you can plainly hear. Thinking about getting a CD player? You may want to give this a serious listen.

Pure Audio phono pre from New Zealand

I'm playing with the Pure Audio phono pre today! Really nice pure class A amp from a couple of "mates" who worked for Plinius. There is also a pre amp and monoblock amps to fill out the system. The casework is some of the finest I've seen. Sounds flippin' great.

violated tortoise and email

I just returned from Costa Rica! While I was gone, our pet Leopard tortoise was taken advantage of by our friend's tortoise. On that note, my email and website were down for a few days while I was gone. If you tried emailing me in the past five days, try again. It works now! The trip was great! I highly suggest a visit. The insects there are "polite".

all revved up

The console is up and running in the shop. It was built by Mark Macek and designed by Mark and myself. Inside is a Naim UnitiQute, Guru QM-10 speakers and a Rega RP1 turntable. It's wife friendly, has hidden compartments and has connectivity to the gills. Stream your iTunes library wirelessly! A true piece of art and one of a kind. As shown, $12K

Dana Falconberry

Dana Falconberry came by the shop today to have a listen to the test pressing of her new record, Leelanau. I highly recommend you check her out! Her tour kicks off this Friday night at The Mohawk and will hit the west coast.

Eskimos are cool.

This picture was taken in 1922, and it shows an Eskimo man enjoying some music on a record player. He is surrounded by seal pelts, presumably the take from the recent hunting season.

There is a tear in my beer.

Lovejoys had been my bar for the past 18 years. I've seen many folks come and go, meet, marry, start families, fight, divorce, die, etc. Lovejoys was always a constant in so many lives. It was started by Chip Tait (on left) and the baton was passed to Eric Wolf (on right). Like so many Austin institutions / landmarks, it is now gone. It's hard to "Keep Austin Weird" when the very things that make this town unique are constantly pushed out to make room for a CVS or Chile's. I'll miss my happy hour "cronies" and the best bartenders, Cello & Ethel! I'll never forget seeing Roky Erickson & Dead Moon play there. Far too many hangovers to count. Lovejoys will forever be the best bar...ever.

Long Live The Order Of The Fez!!


Damn Son! Line Magnetic 218IA and DeVore Fidelity 88’s!

A few months ago I got in the Line Magnetic 211IA EL34 powered integrated amp from US importer, Tone Audio. Not your typical Chi-Fi that's banged out in a OEM factory and sold on the internet. Line Magnetic are the only company I know of who are faithfully reproducing classic Western Electric systems. I see my future system and it is BIG! I covet one of these throw back systems. It's a whole new world of Audio Nervosa and I want a ride. I must take baby steps. That doesn't mean I'm not trying to figure out how to suspend the 22A horns in the shop. Yes, tiny little baby steps..

The next logical amp to get on the floor was the 218. I had never even heard of a 845 SET amp until I saw it on their site. Hmmm 22 watts? Not a flea watt amp, but not a behemoth either. The first thing I noticed unboxing it was that the amp is a lot bigger in person. 845 tubes are freakin' Big!

You must realize that up until about five years ago, I thought tubes were stupid. It seemed to me that tube amps were tweaky and would probably break a lot. Flat Earth solid state all the way man! I had tried out a tube amp 17 years ago when I first got into this biz. and learned a few good lessons. Don't do business with unreachable people and make sure there is a service plan in place! Ah, the good old days! It took a couple more failed partnerships until this all sunk in of course.

After moving a few things around, I heave the 218 onto a Quadraspire Sunoko Vent bamboo rack and proceed to hook it up. Thankfully, I just got in some 5 meter A23 cables so I can use them on more set ups in the shop. Well Tempered Amadeus with Dynavector 20X-L cart and DV P-75 phono pre. Rega Apollo-R / DAC, A23 interconnects and DeVore's new 88's quickly fell together.

Time to power up! Yowza! These tubes are bright! They actually put out some lumens! Who needs a fireplace when you could have these in your room? Nice soft glow and heat! Yeah, this amp does generate some major heat! What you'll save in heating costs in the Winter will even out what you spend cranking the AC down a notch during the warmer least in the hell that is Texas!

The music I've been throwing on has been all over the map. Bill Evans Trio Sunday at the Village Vanguard, David Bowie Man Who Sold The World, Lucinda Williams Essence and Antony & the Johnsons Crying Light, to name a few. Ok, (reviewer mode) the first words out of my mouth would be "lush and gripping with an extremely revealing presentation that envelopes you in music". Something that really jumped out at me was how the 218 reproduces the double and electric bass. Incredibly realistic, tight and tuneful. Some amps play bass, but they don't have the fine nuances that the 218 reveals. I found it very hard to leave work for the evening. This amp had gotten ahold of me and didn't want to let go! Ahhhh, just one more cut! After meeting up with friends and a few drinks later I proposed we all go to the shop to continue the party and hear "the new amp I just got in".

I'm lucky that I "need" to buy gear "for the shop", but it's always a bonus if "le wife" thinks it was a good idea. After I threw on Dr. John's new record, Locked Down. I turn and ask her, "wudduya think?". She beams back and says, "there is something very special going on here". "Yeah, and it's only a few hours old and still cold". whew.. the real test was passed. One baby step closer to those horns!

Rega blows away the competition in 1908

It's simple Texan logic. Back in 1908, $200 was equal to $5000 in today's economy. I can put a system together that (obviously) does a lot more than a Victrola. It even runs on electricity!

Rega Brio-R integrated amp $895
Rega DAC $995
Rega RP3 turntable $895
Rega RS5 loudspeakers $1795
Chord SilverScreen speaker cables $195
Chord CobraPlus interconnect $145
Chord USB SilverPlus $95

That's $5015, basically the same amount for the Victrola in 1908. I have a Victrola at the shop if you would like to come A / B it with the Rega system...

Heed CanAmp

Highly sought after by head-fi addicts, the Heed CanAmp is now on the floor! Headphone systems are a great way to get high quality audio without throwing down tons of money. A perfect solution for the office or dorm. All you need is a computer, DAC and some headphones.

Whetstone's Headphone Station

Whetstone's Headphone Station

Well Tempered DPS Power Supply

A power supply for Well Tempered turntables. The DPS (Dedicated Power Supply) features high quality components throughout to completely eradicate spurious noise for truly silent analog playback.

Along with the dedicated output for Well Tempered turntables (Amadeus & Simplex variants) the DPS also features a pair of additional 12v outputs for running other audiophile components such as phono stages.

The award winning Well Tempered Amadeus and DPS will be on the floor in about a month!

Frode Gjerstad Trio @ Carousel Lounge August 24


Drawing heavily upon the energy of the free-jazz continuum as defined by Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus and John Coltrane, alto saxophonist Frode Gjerstad is a pioneer of Norwegian improvised music. His various ensembles have served as a training ground for the current (and most vital) generation of Norwegian experimental musicians. Gjerstad first came to prominence with British percussionist John Stevens' group in the 1980s, and later played in a trio with William Parker and Hamid Drake. His career has spanned over 30 years and has included collaborations with many of the leading lights of improvised and experimental music including Peter Brötzmann, Han Bennink, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Louis Moholo-Moholo, and noise musician Lasse Marhaug.

Powerhouse drummer Paal Nilssen-Love is no stranger to adventurous Austin music audiences. He has taken part in some of EpistrophyArts' most noted presentations including sold out performances by The Thing, The Peter Brotzmann Tentet, and Atomic. Nilssen-Love has established himself as a powerful and dynamic musician through his wide ranging collaborations with leading improvisors Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Peter Brötzmann, Joe McPhee and left-field rock artists like Thurston Moore, Jim O'Rourke,the Ex’s Andy and Terrie, and Fugazi's Guy Picciotto.

gretchen phillips

Sometimes I get calls from musicians who just got a test pressing or 500+ records. "Dude! Can I come by with my record and hear it on one of your systems?" Sure! I got to hear Spoon's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga that way!
I got one such call the other day from Gretchen Phillips. She tore over here with her new record, a retro / neu disco affair with all the humor you'd expect from the woman who brought us the gem "I spent my last $10 on birth control and beer". The inner track was distorting at her house, but seemed fine on the P5. Whew! So we went to the pub where Ms. Phillips was quite well behaved. We spoke of the virtues of Gary Newman, how he's some kind of idiot savant, master of the Moog and how much we both dug his song , Down In The Park. I got 001/500 of her new record. Benefits!

Zu Essence, in the house!

UPS came with a dolly today! After some grunting, the Essence sat before me ready to be hooked up to the little Leben 300xs. 15 watts of silky smoothness powered the beastly Essence up to party levels. A customer was listening to them as I cleaned some of his records. I said, "not bad for 15 watts eh?" He was baffled that it wasn't much much more. Obviously they need a lot of break in but the first thing that I noticed after the first few notes was they had some bass and authority! They are definitely pushing some air! A step up from the Omen tweeters. The ribbon super tweeters on these sparkle!

scored some new records today!

In March 1975, Jim Sullivan mysteriously disappeared outside Santa Rosa, New Mexico. His VW bug was found abandoned, his motel room untouched. Some think he got lost in the desert. Some think he fell foul of a local family with alleged mafia ties. Some think he was abducted by aliens.
By coincidence – or perhaps not – Jim’s 1969 debut album was titled U.F.O. The album was a fully realised album of scope and imagination, a folk-rock record with its head in the stratosphere. Sullivan’s voice is deep and expressive like Fred Neil with a weathered and worldly Americana sound like Joe South, pop songs that aren’t happy – but with filled with despair. The album is punctuated with a string section (that recalls David Axelrod), other times a Wurlitzer piano provides the driving groove (as if Memphis great Jim Dickinson was running the show). U.F.O. is a slice of American pop music filtered from the murky depths of Los Angeles, by way of the deep south.
light in the attic
jim sullivan story
For her fourth studio record Pint Of Blood, Jolie Holland loosely credits classic influences ranging from Neil Young to The Velvet Underground to The Rolling Stones. But it’s the sound of Lucinda Williams that emerges the most on this record, as she similarly conveys a sense of raw emotion striking the deepest of chords. In particular, her voice despairingly flutters on the album’s opening track as she cries out, “I can’t believe you treated me like all those girls / all those sweet girls go home to cry” with the utmost conviction. It’s a chorus that simultaneously stuns and crushes, resonating as one of the year’s most poignant musical moments.

Well.. that was fun!

Last night I had the first of many, Vinyl Countdowns at The Dive Bar. The RP3 / Brio-R and Kudos X2 speakers amazed the masses. The comment I heard over and over all night was, "Wow, I can't believe the sound coming from that little system!" It was really fun to hear what people brought in to play. It was all over the map, the way it should be! Proof that you can "DJ" with one turntable and zero mics. Just call me DJ Uno. Next time I'll remember the 45 adapter and a frickin' flashlight. It was pretty hard finding track 3, side 2 in the dark after five vodka tonics. I'm thinking the next one I'll bring in the Triode 300B / Zu Essence system and show people how 8 watts can shake your rump.

Any day now..

I'll have the Zu Essence in. In a month or so, I'll also have the Soul Superfly. It was a hard decision as to what speakers I wanted to get in first. I have a terrible time making decisions! You should see me try to order a beer at the pub. Luckily my bartenders like me. I'll be having a Zu Night here at the shop sometime in November. Sean Casey will be here talking about all things Zu.

Another crucial slab of awesomeness!

When this record first came out I thought it was lame and boring... WTF? I just didn't have the right.... attitude. Yeah! that's it! Seriously. Get it and give it a few listens and then realize what a genius Beck is. His swan song, fo' sho. I'm blown away every time I put this on. This is The Beatles if they were still a band and kicked Paul out in the 80's. Just my skewed analogy... give it a listen, again!

One of my all time favs!

My pal Robin Ballard turned me on to many excellent records back when I went to SFA in Nacogdoches. Richard Thompson, Leonard Cohen, Big Star and Michael Hurley to name a few!! This is a classic record! Freak Folk before hipster Devandra Banhart was even born. Excellent review HERE.

New Rega RP3 in the house!

Fed Ex dropped off the new Rega RP3 turntable this morning! I slapped on a Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge and let it spin some Earl Hooker for good measure. A baptism, if you will. Come hear it tomorrow! see below..

The Vinyl Countdown

Join me at The Dive Bar, Thursday August 11th from 7-11pm. Bring a few of your favorite records to play on the new Rega Brio-R integrated and RP3 turntable! You'll be one of the first in the US to hear it!! Swill a few drinks and enjoy the relaxing bliss of analog!

On Wednesday the 10th, I'll be playing drums with my band Invisible Inks at the Mohawk. 10pm

Rega Guitar!?

Here's Rega's Roy Gandy ripping on his "Reguitar". I also just got word that the new RP3 turntable will be shipping next week! $895. The TTPSU is extra. No price hike! Gotta love the lads at Sound Org. for keepin' it real.

Whetstone Mountain!


I just returned from Colorado where it averaged 70 degrees. Here's Mount Whetstone where I got the name for the shop. When I was in my early 20's, I lived in Crested Butte for a couple years "finding myself" after college. I used to gaze upon this mountain in various mental states listening to my little Mirage bookshelf speakers, Linn Basik turntable and NAD receiver, pondering my next move. A whetstone is also a stone that sharpens knives, "sharp audio". Now you know!


On the way we stopped in Dalhart, Tx. for the night. It's in the panhandle of Texas and smells like shit thanks to the feed lots. I renamed the town Dalfart. Anyway, my wife left her beloved Pimp Chalice, that the kids blinged up for Mother's Day, in the room. She was devastated! After a frenzied call 50 miles down the road, they found it and kept it for safe keeping.

I'm glad to be back. There are about 600 people across the street from my house listening to a live Reggaeton band and I picked up the best Mexican food on the Planet feeding a family of four for $23 bucks. If Austin was 70 degrees year round I'd be in heaven. Hell, I'd be stoked it it just rained! The water coming out of the cold tap is hot. I can't even take a cold shower! All the rivers we passed on the way home in the Texas Hill Country were bone dry. Do me a favor and break out a rain dance for us here.

NAIM NIGHT Thursday, October 21st !!!

Naim UK's Doug Graham and Dave Dever from Naim USA will be coming to the shop October 21st. They will be introducing lots of new Naim goodies fresh from The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Jeff Dorgay from the awesome Tone Audio e-zine will be present as will Jason Schieck from Bentley of Austin who will be showing a Naim equipped car. I bet the trunk won't rattle! Stay Tuned for more info. as the date gets closer! This will be a great event!

That cool Colorado rain. August 13-23


It's that time again! I'll be soaking at my favorite hot springs and getting ready for another school year! Kiddos are going into 3rd and 6th grade this year! Whew! I'll be reachable on my cell 512-784-8282 and email Please don't hesitate to leave a message! I will be checking it often.

She’s here, sweet thing!


The Leben CS 300XS has arrived straight from Japan!! If you're looking for a $3500, 15 watt integrated tube amp, look no further! She sings so sweetly.. and that new amp smell! mmmmmm

Just another several days mate, two weeks tops, honest!

This is the entire world of Hi-Fi delivery in a nutshell. Introduce awesome, life / business changing product at CES, patiently wait for it's release for another year or so. Pass by the proposed due date. Manufacturer says "two more weeks" and we finally get it in six months later.... This is what we call "Vapor Ware" in the biz. This one is really killing me because it's so ultra cool. It really is! The good news is that it's usually worth the wait! Reminds me of those "Star Wars is coming" commercials as a kid.

Now at Whetstone Audio!

The entry level IsoTek NeoPlug is a "wall wart" that plugs into any power strip and instantly takes out the glare and haze coming from your mains. For $115 you will vastly improve your entire system. It also improves the contrast and color of computer monitors and TV's.
I've never been a fan of power conditioners because they usually suck the musicality and flow out of the music. I've tried a few well known offerings but was never impressed. They just made everything sound weird. Interconnects? Yes, they can make a difference, but only to the source it's plugged into. This makes a huge difference to the ENTIRE SYSTEM! So, finally. Here's a solution / product I can stand behind. You know by now that I'm skeptical of "tweaks" until proven. Come by for a demo! More IsoTek will be coming in soon. This is just a taste of what it can do!

Just IN!! The Primare I21 integrated amp and CD21 CD Player!
Series 60 coming SOON!

Before Best Buy there was CRAZY EDDIE!

I remember growing up in upstate New York and seeing these commercials. Classic low brow stuff. The Crazy Eddie empire came crashing down due to fixed books and possible mob ties. Not much has changed. Big Box stores are just slicker and sell cheaper electronics. At least Crazy Eddie was entertaining! INSAAAAANE!

GRADO GR8 Ear Buds!


Grado Labs is pleased to announce the introduction of our new model headphone. GR8!

The GR8 is Grado’s first in-ear transducer.

It is an elegant wide bandwidth single magnet armature design which results in a musical clarity and character that is the signature of Grado engineering and voicing.

An additional benefit of this approach in design is that it results in a device that is smaller and lighter than the competition and therefore much more comfortable to wear in the ear.

As a result of precision hand crafting it is exceptional in reproducing vocals. Its clarity in mass instrument recordings is unsurpassed. Realistic spatial definition is quite apparent also. $299




Created by Bar Stools

NEW Rega colored P3-24 Turntables and Integrated Amp!


Rega is introducing colored plinths again! This time they are in a lacquered finish and will come with the PSU (power supply) which will mean the P3 will be without a power switch on the table giving it a more streamlined look. Price is $1295 and will be available in October. I'm gonna get a "Rega Green" one in.


The new addition to Rega's "cost no object" line-up is the Elicit integrated amp. It will be around $2900 and takes Rega amplification to a new level. Check it out on their web site. I should have one at the shop in a few weeks.

ARCHES in Moab, Utah

Here's a pic of Wall Arch.  We went to Arches Natl. Park this summer.  I told my kids that there was an arch there that probably wouldn't be around much longer.  Little did I know that it would collapse two weeks after we were there.  It made the grueling trip there worth it.


I was recently turned on to some great music blogs that let you download out of print records for FREE! iTunes?  WHATEVA'  Check these out! Also, check out the links on them. Happy downloading. My computer is smoking!
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