Product tag: Speaker

  • DeVore Fidelity – Orangutan O/93

    The 0/93. Baby brother to the 0/96. This one was a game changer for me. Sounds great with SET amps!  Pair it with the Line Magnetic or Leben amps for a great system!
  • DeVore Fidelity – Orangutan O/96

    The best selling DeVore speaker of all time! This is the one you want!  Pair this with Thöress or Leben amps and you have something very very special.
  • Harbeth – C7ES-3 XD

    The Compact 7!  A classic Harbeth offering! The new XD version is on the floor!
  • Harbeth – Monitor 30.2 XD

    This is "the one" that mastering engineers rely on.  Want to hear every detail?  Pick Me! Pick Me! Everything you read about it are true.  If you hear them, they will win you over ...
  • Harbeth – Super HL5 plus

    The HL5 Plus is the newest Harbeth offering.  It was just revised and has become the best selling Harbeth to date.  Want the detail of the 30.1 with more slam?  Here ya go! The sup...
  • Harbeth- P3ESR

    The smallest Harbeth made, With it's closed box design, the P3 is perfect for bookshelves and small rooms.  It does need some power!  It may be the smallest but it likes some ...
  • Neat – Iota Loudspeaker

    Looking for an amazing speaker for your desk top?  Those speakers built into your TV sounding a bit thin?  The Iota comes in a bunch of colors and takes up minimal real estate.
  • Neat – Motive SX2

    The smallest floor standing speaker in the shop (possibly the World)  The SX2 is winning me over!  Think "baby Elites".