Line Magnetic 515CD tube output CD Player with USB input demo $1895
Line Magnetic LM218ia integrated amp $2995
Melco HA-N1A Music Server $1695
Dali Zensor 3 in Walnut NEW! $475
Rega Mira3 integrated amp $449
Rega R1 bookshelf speakers with new bass drivers! $395 / pair
Naim Nait XS 2 integrated amp ($3495) $2950
Naim Nait 5si integrated amp ($1995) $1495
Naim Flatcap XS power supply ($1695) $1295
Naim UnitiServe $1995
Funk Firm LSD turntable in gloss white w/Boing feet and F5 arm $2195
Accuphase PS500 $5K now $1149
Chord Cadenza Reference 1M Interconnects $299
Tara Labs RSC Vector 1 1M XLR Interconnects $149

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