Leben CS600 integrated amp!! Just got the 600X in! Dealer Demo. Texas Sales Only! $5850!
Line Magnetic 501ia integrated amp KT120 / 100 watts. Dealer Demo! Texas Sales Only! $3950!
Prima Luna DIALOGUE PREMIUM HP integrated amp in silver. Like New dealer demo. Retail $4399 Demo $3795!
Prima Luna PROLOGUE PREMIUM integrated amp in black. Like New dealer demo. Retail $2395 Demo $1999!
Rega Brio OPEN BOX! $895!
Rega Fono MM in black $275
Rega Ear in black $275
Rega TTPSU in silver $275
Naim NAP200 power amp used $1395. NOW EVEN LOWER!!!
Funk Firm LSD turntable in gloss white w/Boing feet and F5 arm $2195
Chord Cadenza Reference 1M Interconnects $299
Tara Labs RSC Vector 1 1M XLR Interconnects $149

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