cocktail audio X12

In my never ending search for “awesome” and “value”, I’ve found the next great contender. They call X12 the “swiss army knife of audio”. What does it do? Basically everything. HD Hi Fi Music Server with database, CD Ripper, High Quality DAC, Built-in 60W Amplifier, Network Streamer, FM / Internet radio, UPNP, Apple Airplay and Bluetooth. You will need to buy a HDD disc. I got a 2 TB for $80 off Amazon. Dump ALL of your CD’s on this and access them through the APP. Just add some speakers or look into the other Cocktail Audio products for the perfect fit. The X12 is a great place to start without forking out tons of cash. A winner at $799!

Cocktail Audio


My very first record!

I remember being around three years old and playing a stack of 45’s my aunt left at our house. This was the one that started it all! I remember playing this over and over. It was WILD! It was FAST! It was ROCK & ROLL!! I still have this record and it’s still my favorite.

Well Tempered Labs

Filling up the silicone bath on the spectacular Well Tempered Labs Amadeus tonearm. There is absolutely no other turntable like it. Designed by rocket scientist William Firebaugh, the WTA sets a new standard in analog playback at an affordable price. Yes, it uses a golf ball as a bearing and four squash balls for feet. Hearing is believing! Come hear the Amadeus mk2 and Simplex turntables! You’ll hear your records like never before.