MELCO…Hi Res Audio For Dummies!


As many of you know, I'm not the biggest fan of computer audio. Why? It's usually a major pain in the ass. I'm not computer savvy. The computer audio world is a never-ending onslaught of new technologies and confusion. Just as soon as I get an understanding of something, it's outdated. Yep, flipping a record over is just plain easier... or is it? I'm getting in the new Melco N1A Music Library. Melco are a Japanese company under the umbrella of Buffalo Memory. The Melco has 4 TB of storage and, according to my pals at Sound Organisation, is idiot proof! No configuration BS or above average computer skills needed. Just turn it on! Melco will get your audio files, meta data, etc. Feed it into a DAC of your choice, via USB, and rock on! I get mine next week. Check back for a follow up!

Flux Hi-Fi


Flux Hi-Fi have developed what they believe to be the finest stylus cleaner ever available. Every aspect of the design was considered: The exact vibration frequency. pad material, cleaning fluid, LED lighting for increased visibility- every small detail was poured over and tested for countless hours. The result gives complete and absolutely safe cleaning. check it out


Thöress WOWS Ft. Worth


This past weekend I had the pleasure of demoing the Thöress FF pre and 845 mono blocks in Ft. Worth, Texas. My client wanted to hear them with his awesome Tannoy Westminster Royal SE speakers. I couldn't wait to hook them up! These are one of the Worlds best speakers! Would these 20 watt SET amps power these behemoths? You betcha! The THÖ / Tannoy combo proved to be an excellent match! If my shop weren't 700 square feet I'd get some in! Lots of folks came by to hear it. Everyone was in agreement that it was an amazing set-up. I have no doubt that Thöress is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the World of luxury tube amps. My client has quite a collection of the Worlds best amps, but the Thöress gear will be sitting front and center for years to come!

Hell Yes! Finally Some Decent Music!

My buddy Mike Flanigin plays a helluva good B3. His new record, The Drifter, is coming out soon, It's a literal "who's who" of Austin musicians. Even ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons is on it! How's that for street cred! It's already been declared #1 blues record on iTunes. Seriously! Buy this one. It don't suck! Check it out HERE

Ponderosa Stomp!!!

This is not to be missed! I'm going! I should be going to The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest... but I've had this trip planned for quite some time! These are the last living pioneers of Rock and Roll, Blues and Soul! This will not be repeated in Branson. This is the real deal in the realest town in the World, New Orleans!

Whetstone Audio Pint Glasses!!!

Booze. Possibly the best "tweak" money can buy! These not only hold a cold beverage, you can buy 4 and sit your equipment on them for some serious isolation. I recommend the drink. These are Silicone so you can't hurt yourselves.