Cheap Digital Tweak!!

Completely erases digital glare and artifacts! Provides “passion and emotion” to your favorite music! Re-clocks your brain chemistry! Only around $8 for a supply of SIX! At home with your system? I recommend using all six applications for best effect. This tweak is fully endorsed by Whetstone Audio. Don’t forget to listen responsibly!

Instant Composers Pool Orchestra!

The ICP Orchestra are performing Thursday May 14th at the North Door in Austin!!

In 1967 saxophonist Willem Breuker, pianist Misha Mengelberg and drummer Han Bennink founded the ICP label in Amsterdam. Mengelberg and Bennink had been playing together since 1961 and found success as members of Eric Dolphy’s quartet in 1964, as documented on his live album Last Date. Mengelberg had also been involved in the Fluxus art movement and was developing a composition style that involved musical games. As European free jazz musicians, they were butting up against disinterest in their music from contemporary jazz labels, so they formed a cooperative as a means to release their own recordings. Mengelberg coined the label’s name as a testament to improvisation being composition at the instant that the music is played.

Don’t miss this one!

Fine Art Photography at Whetstone Audio!

Whetstone Audio will soon be a satellite spot for Steven Walker’s Modern Rocks Gallery. In the next few weeks you will see some amazing photography on the walls here! All of them will be for sale except this one… it’s mine! This is a picture of The Ramones at The Roundhouse in London, 1976! This is the show that spawned UK punk. It was taken by Jill Furmanovsky.

Keep your eyes open for an open house! Whetstone Audio is celebrating 20 years!

image by Jill Furmanovsky

Congratulations Rega!!

The Queen now know’s what I’ve known as a dealer for the past 20 years!
Rega Research Ltd receives the 2015 Queen’s Award for Enterprise. 21st April 2015.

We are celebrating being named as winners of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. The UK’s highest accolade for business success.

This was in recognition of our overseas sales growth over the last three years and the unique way we select and work with our export partners around the world. Rega has always prided itself on developing special relationships with whoever we work with, be it supplier or distributor. Our drive to understand their business model and to ensure they understand ours, guarantees a long term and successful relationship which often spans many decades.

We now employ more than one hundred people and supply our products to over forty different countries worldwide with notable sales in the Far East and the recent introduction of a second ‘Rega only’ store in the Philippines demonstrating the global appeal of the Rega brand. Europe accounts for the largest share of overseas sales in 2014 closely followed by North America. We use our intimate knowledge of each market and utilise this for strategic sales development, with new markets now including Chile, Romania and Peru.

The Rega brand is synonymous around the world with turntables however, our strength lies in the sheer depth of products we produce ranging from hand built moving coil cartridges through to loudspeakers, cables, amplifiers, DAC’s and CD players to name but a few. Rega is one of the very few brands where you can complete the system from front to back with everything we design hand assembled in our custom built facility in the South East of England. So confident are we in our designs that we offer a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects on our entire range.

We began trading in 1973 and design and manufacture domestic high fidelity sound systems. Our significant investment in R&D, attributes in part to our success but our strong philosophy of high quality and exceptional value throughout the range combine with our ‘special relationships’ to make a winning formula.