• Brinkmann Bardo & 10.0 arm

    German engineering at it's finest! This is the most serious turntable I've had in the shop. It uses a magnetic direct drive motor and is absolutely silent. It's a...
  • Brinkmann Taurus

    The newest offering from Germany's Brinkmann Audio. Like Oasis and Bardo, Taurus features our bespoke, magnetic field motor, built to Brinkmann’s proprietary design specificati...
  • Rega P1

    Rega's entry level turntable. This is where the magic starts!
  • Rega P10

    Rega's top turntable. The Chromium Oxide platter is the same material used for missile cones which is as hard as Saffire!
  • Rega P2

    The return of a classic! This is where Rega's technology started 40 years ago.
  • Rega P3

    The reworking of one of the greatest Hi-Fi components in history! Throw on an Ortofon Blue. Wear a helmet.
  • Rega P8

  • Well Tempered Amadeus

    The Well Tempered Amadeus hits far above it's price range! Known to trounce $20K turntables, Bill Firebaugh's new design is a serious record player!
  • Well Tempered Simplex

    Well Tempered Simplex is the little brother to the Amadeus.  Smaller tonearm and platter.  Same sized golf ball!