Covid Sucks

BUZZKILL of 2020

How are Y’all holding up out there? These are some trying times, eh?. Luckily, business has been pretty good! Don’t worry, I’m not closing the shop…BUT! I am going to APPOINTMENT ONLY from now on. I may be open for walk-ins on Saturdays in the future and I’ll have more in-stores. Don’t let this scare you off! Just call me and LEAVE A MESSAGE! I will get back to you if you’re not a BOT. I can safely meet you at the shop for consultations and demos. I will also offer an in home demonstration service. More on that later.

That being said, I’m trying to flip some old stock and get some fresh goodies in! There are deals to be had! New DeVore 0/96 are in! The excellent Aqua La Scala mk2 Optologic DAC is here as well. Check the Previous Owned page for all the steals!