Resistor Mag is based beneath the fossil-fuel smudged horizons of Vancouver, British Columbia. Usually found squinting at the sun with a laptop, headphones and a coffee, we look for inspiration in all things music, art, design, hi-fi and eclectic-culture oriented.

Well Well Well

I’ve been neglecting this website and blog for quite sometime. This past Summer found me chillin’ in our $100 Intex pool and slamming adult beverages to keep cool in Covid Texas USA! The new APPOINTMENT ONLY schedule is basically a dream come true. I’m also a new “empty nester”. The kids are off to “Zoom University”. Easing into the next “new normal”…

I’ve added some goodies and will get it tightened up in the coming weeks. Lots of cool things going on! The new Brinkmann Taurus is coming soon. It will be decked out with the 12.1 arm, Pi cartridge and RöNt power supply! The only turntable I know of with a remote control!

Also new to the shop are Fyne Loudspeakers. Former team from Tannoy bailed and started their own company! These are excellent speakers that are actually affordable!

I’ve recently gotten in the Aqua La Scala DAC. It is the best DAC I’ve ever heard!

If you don’t have a ton of money to throw at an Aqua DAC may I redirect you to the Merason Frerot (“little brother”). At $1250 you’ll flesh out the nuances and soundstage from my killer Innuos music streamers.

The Rega IO entry level integrated amp is here and in stock! This little guy sounds great! Pair it with some Fyne loudspeakers and a turntable and you’ll be well on your way to musical nirvana! $595! Phono pre and headphone jack on board!