Chord C-Line

The new Chord C-Line interconnect uses ARAY technology. At $70 for a meter pair, The C-Line is probably the most technically advanced and high performing interconnect available at it’s price.

Hang Ten Brah!

Did you know both the 0/93 and 0/96 Orangutans are at the shop? What are you waiting for? Come hear perfection and come see impeccable workmanship. There simply isn’t a better looking or sounding speaker in the state of Texas!


So long Spotify, Pono, CD’s, etc. There’s a new kid on the block and he’s not a lightweight. TIDAL is a new streaming service offering FLAC, i.e. CD quality. The library is enormous and a blast to go through. I was really surprised they had some of the bands I was throwing at it. The first week is free, then it’s $19.95 a month. So, for the price of a single CD, you get them all! You will need to download Google Chrome to access the higher resolution. This is just the beginning. With Google Fiber, higher quality streaming will be the norm. Hopefully musicians will get paid.