Jim Eno delivers pizza to Whetstone Audio!!

No!!!! Just kidding!. He did, however, bring by an acetate of a new Public Hi-Fi release. What is it, you ask? I can’t tell you. I’m sworn to secrecy. I can tell you it’s a 12″ 45 rpm limited edition EP and he plays drums on it. Listening was done through a Rega RP6, Rega Aria phono stage, Line Magnetic 218ia integrated and DeVore O/93 loudspeakers. A23 cables.

rega aria phono stage on the floor!

ARIA-BACK-PANELThe Aria incorporates many innovative design ideas including a self-adjusting servo control to keep the MC input circuit at its optimum, compensating for any variations in ambient or operating temperature. Both stages have their own separate input sockets and input pre-amplifier circuitry. This enabled Rega to design bespoke input circuitry for each cartridge type without compromise. Signal switching is performed at high level and low impedance ensuring there is no degradation of the signal.

New Musical Fidelity V90-DAC! $299!!!

The V90 DAC is the perfect way to upgrade the performance of a wide range of music sources. Housed in a solid yet discreet case, it unites sleek design and technical excellence to offer unrivalled musical enjoyment.
Offering Coax, Toslink and USB digital inputs, the V90-DAC is the ideal partner for a wide array of audio equipment. From PC and MAC computers, music streamers and set-top boxes to more conventional music sources such as CD and digital radio the V90-DAC delivers high-end sound quality at an affordable price.
The V90-DAC deploys a state-of-the-art 32Bit DAC housed in solid yet discreet attractive brushed aluminum case. It unites sleek design and technical excellence to offer unrivaled musical enjoyment.
V90 DAC Front Angle Right WEB

goodies, goodies and more goodies!!!

What a week! I’ve gotten in a slew of new gear! I’m not sure how I’m going to break it all in! New to the shop today are the EVOLVED Naim Nait 5si and xs2 integrated amps with redesigned power supplies AND 1/4″ headphone outputs! Coming early next week, the Rega Aria mm / mc phono pre amp!