The new Dynavector P75 Mk3 … it’s Bonza mate!

Phono to line level preamplifier
Total phono solution
Matches any cartridge type
Fully user adjustable
Very low noise
Very high RIAA accuracy
No hum!
Includes patented ‘Phono Enhancer’ option
Low cost, very high performance

Yeah, it’s “Bonza” all right (Aussie for great!). As I’ve been saying for years, The P75 is one of the best phono pre amps I’ve heard at any price!! If you want to do it right the first time, don’t be daft and getcha one. Pair it with a Dynavector cartridge and experience the ultimate in synergy. $895

Heed Obelisk si mk2 integrated amp w/ Dactil 1.2 DAC and Enigma loudspeakers

Coming to the shop this week!!

With an increasing number of music lovers ripping their existing music library onto computer and the purchasing trend moving rapidly to downloads, the convergence of computers into the high-end audio system is becoming very real. 300 million people now use iTunes as their primary music storage and management system. Software such as Pure Music enables audiophile users to operate the familiar iTunes GUI, controlled via iDevice, but with the ability to play back high-resolution files including FLAC. The compact Mac Mini can now be considered a genuine high quality audio playback device. Together with the iPod and iPhone and an increasing number of PC laptops, the primary colour for Mac Minis is white and for this reason Heed Audio UK has added a white finish to its range of electronics..Whether it be the entry level Obelisk Si integrated amplifier or a full pre/power system comprising the Obelisk Pre, its dedicated PX power supply and multiple Obelisk PM mono power amplifiers, the computer savvy music lover can now match their electronics to the finish of their computer or docked iPod, without having to sacrifice the quality of system they choose

…. Of course the white Heed electronics aren’t only designed for Apple computer users, but for anyone wishing to enhance the appearance of their hi-fi system by moving away from the more common black finish. White is increasingly becoming the fashionable colour for a huge variety of luxury products from phones such as the iPhone 4S, to cameras e.g. the Nikon J1 and cars such as the Range Rover Evoque. Heed Audio is quite possibly the first high-end audio electronics manufacturer to offer its products in high gloss white.

that was fun!

The Rega Hootenanny went off without a hitch! The new RP8 is fantastic, as if I had any doubt. I think it should be called RP Great! A completely new direction in turntable design. Paul Darwin gave a great presentation and explained the design benefits and differences compared to the Regas we’ve seen in the past. The RP8 is a direct descendent of the “cost no object” table Roy Gandy was working on a few years ago when I visited the factory. The skeletal plinth and bracing are just a couple things I saw that are now showing up on the newer RP series of tables. Rega don’t design products to just “look cool”, there is always a reason behind it.

Just in time for Halloween! Pentagram

“Last Days Here” is the gripping story of a nonfictional Spinal Tap. America’s answer to Black Sabbath. Real life Zombie, singer Bobby Leibling pulls a Roky Erickson and comes back from the depths of Hell! Halloween spooky stuff with a happy ending. FOUR STARS! ****