Line Magnetic 518ia integrated amp


ON THE FLOOR! Line Magnetic’s 518ia single ended 845 based integrated. If you’ve been to the shop you’ve probably heard it’s little brother, the 218ia. Similar, but the 518ia is a bit more “souped up”. I find it impossible to elaborate about how something sounds into words, so I let reviewers do it and then COPY & PASTE. Come in and hear it for yourself!

Heed Obelisk da

Bob Clarke, of Profundo Imports, stopped by today to personally drop off a Heed da DAC. Heed are an excellent hi-fi company out of Budapest Hungary.

At the da’s heart lies the new the Dactil 2.1 DAC card, based on a Wolfson D/A chip and a new Cirrus receiver, and capable of 24bit/192 kHz high resolution signal processing. A deceptively simple module with excellent musical qualities, the Dactil 2.1 manages to scale new heights in the employ of the Obelisk DA’s ‘no compromise’ approach, featuring entirely independent supply rails for its analogue and digital sections.

The Obelisk da accommodates 5 digital inputs: two S/PDIF (one RCA, one BNC), two TOSLINK and one USB. Two outputs are available, one with 1.25V output voltage as direct connection from the converter, while the other one is boosted to 2.5V by a dedicated preamp section similar to the analogue circuit of the PRE, making it an ideal source for fans of passive pre-amps.

Here’s a Review

The Young Mothers

Bassist Ingebrigt Häker Flaten recently dropped off a test pressing of “A Mother’s Work Is Never Done” by his band, The Young Mothers. Here’s a concert from a couple years ago. I think they’ve started a new genre of music! These guys will blow your mind wide open! You can buy it HERE. I’ll have it on vinyl at the shop as soon as the wax dries.



The shop is going to be looking spiffy! Anthony Abbate’s Box racks are made next door to DeVore Fidelity in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. In fact, Box makes DeVore’s speaker cabinets! A very nice pairing indeed! I just ordered three of these sweet racks! Here’s a REVIEW.


Now on the floor are the incredible Moving Iron cartridges from New York’s Soundsmith! Moving Iron are compatible with Moving Magnet phono preamps. So you get the gain of a MM with the finesse of a MC. Try it, you’ll like it! The Otello, Carmen and Zephyr mk2 are on display.