The Best Little Hi-Fi Shop in Texas!

Mark Phillips, AKA “The Vinyl Anachronist” came by the shop a few weeks ago and spent the day listening to music and talking shop. Here’s his write up in PERFECT SOUND FOREVER
Now that I’ve got your attention…

Some cool in-store events are coming up next week!
Tuesday, June 8th @ 7pm The Austinist will be here spinning some new releases.
Saturday, June 12th @ 5pm Unseen Worlds Records will be here playing Elodie Lauten Piano Works

I got that record jones

Once upon a time there was a street in Austin called The Drag. Located across the street from University of Texas, The Drag was a street loaded with record shops, book stores, coffee shops, arcades and cheap eats. Then the 90’s came to a close and everything died there along with the Dot Com bust. Even The Gap and Tower Records closed. This was where my first shop was located. It’s now a Tattoo / Piercing studio called Diablo Rojo. Belly button piercings are better biz than hi-fi…. whatever. There was a record shop there called Inner Sanctum. The owner has opened up his home for the past few weeks to unload the remainder of his record stash. This is a pic from Friday morning. A bunch of dudes waiting for him to open up. The funny thing is that there was a sign on the door saying “I have a cold, closed until next week” Even so, people were waiting hoping he would show up. I felt like I was “waiting for my man” ie. Lou Reed. After 15 minutes someone mentioned the sign and I left… Jonesing for black gold.

DeVore Nines coming back in!!!!

I’ve been waiting a few months to get these back in. I stupidly sold my demos not knowing they were back ordered. DeVore are doing their best to keep up with the high demand. A great problem to have! John says he’s all caught up, so No Fear! They will be here in a few days. How ’bout that Wild Cherry finish!! and NO, you can’t buy my dems.