Harbeth “Super Duper” HL5! Now on the floor!


Now in it’s sixth generation, The Harbeth HL5 was one of the first speakers Harbeth produced in 1977.

The success I’ve had with Harbeth is nothing short of amazing. Nearly every single person I have demoed the Harbeths to has bought a pair! The sound is so seductive and “right on”, it’s hard to shake the experience. Most people fall in love after one song. System matching? The Harbeths sound great with literally everything. Yeah, they’re expensive, but you’ll never want or need to buy another pair of speakers.

Happy Holidays!

A giant “Thank-You” to all of you who have supported Whetstone Audio for the past 17 years. It’s been a blast! Also, to those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet. Keep your hi-fi’s warm and the libations flowing.

Enjoy Yourselves and have a Happy New Year!

Brian DiFrank


Rega FP-1 “Franken Planar”

Rega FP-1

My rebuild is complete! I got the finishing touch today on Christmas Eve. A friendly USPS elf stopped by with my eBay win. A Rega Audio Retroflex LT-76 turntable. I snatched the cool platter off it and dropped it into the souped up Planar 2 I rebuilt. A Rega rat rod! It sounds great!! Coolest gift to myself ever!

New Well Tempered Labs Versalex turntable & LTD tone arm!!


Madman Bill Firebaugh’s newest additions, the Versalex turntable and LTD tone arm are coming out soon! The LTD tone arm will be available separately in the standard 10″ and a shorter 9″ version. Expected retail for the complete Versalex w/ tonearm: $4450.00 LTD tonearm by itself: $1500.00. They will make their N. American debut at CES in the DeVore Fidelity room.