Too bad we have to Imagine…

30 years ago I woke up to the headlines of John Lennon’s murder. It was a long walk to school that day. I was only 13 but I knew the World had lost a prophet. Imagine if we could all get along and not be murderous religious fanatics and greedy corporate entities. Every child has a full belly when they’re tucked into bed. Worldwide love and respect for others. Too bad Humanity isn’t capable…. Imagine if we were.

Okey Dokey!

The $499 Okki Nokki RCM is an exceptionally well-designed device created specifically for cleaning all vinyl recordings. The Okki Nokki is a quality product made in Germany and consists of a heavy-duty motor/turntable and vacuum system encased in a compact aluminum chassis. The motor function provides for ultra-quiet forward and reverse operation. When used with the supplied goat hair cleaning brush, the forward/reverse turntable motion allows for extremely effective groove scrubbing. Once cleaned, the record can be vacuumed using the aluminum suction arm. The residual dirt and fluid is then removed by suction and transferred into the internal liquid reservoir, which has a sensor that will shut off the machine when full. Dedicated suction arms for use with 7” and 10” records are available as an option. Accessories supplied with the machine include a standard 12” LP suction arm, goat hair cleaning brush, record clamp, grounded detachable AC cord and a small bottle of cleaning fluid concentrate that requires mixing with a liter of purified water. An acrylic dustcover is available at time of purchase or as an optional accessory.

Eli Reed came by today

The coolest part of my “job” is meeting interesting people. You never know who may pop in. Today I met Eli Reed. Not Eli “Paperboy” Reed, but Eli Reed the famous photojournalist. We talked about Robert Altman, Jazz, his friend guitarist Jimmy Stewart and how it’s great to hear music reproduced well. I happened to have The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album spinning at the time. Check out some of his amazing work HERE

Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 / LFD Phono Pre are in!

UPS finally showed up with the Compact 7’s!! My custom made stands are nearly finished so for the meantime I have them on some 24″ Kudos. Out of the box stunning! The LFD phono pre amp came yesterday and is warming up nicely. What cartridge to use with it? I highly recommend the Dynavector 10X5 or the new 20X2-H (see below). It’s made for high output moving coil carts, but can easily take moving magnet as well. You just have to move a jumper on the board to change the gain. Also burning in are the LFD Spiroflex speaker cables. The Spiroflex cables are solid core copper twisted in a black mesh jacket with high quality banana Z connectors.
Compact 7
Dig the Orange “UT Longhorns” Rega P3-24! Go Texas!