The Great Carol Kaye!

I managed to catch the “Hipster Virus” again! I think I just wear myself down and by the last day of SXSW, that filthy keg tap wreaks havoc! So I’ve been laying in bed reading a book called The Wrecking Crew (actually they were known as “The Clique”). It’s about the LA musicians who were on all the pop hits of the 60’s and 70’s. One musician in particular really caught my attention. Bassist Carol Kaye. She’s played on over 10,000 recording sessions. You probably hear her at least once a day and don’t even know it. Check out her credits and you’ll be completely floored!

I sent her an email and she actually wrote back!! She said the book I was reading is awful and sent several files for me to read instead. I asked her what it was like to be a woman in the music industry back then…

“There’s always been women who worked with the men since 1910, today people have no idea of that history. I had NO PROBLEM whatsoever back then, like now when they can’t play well and so they assume “women are worse”… Quincy Jones’ book and you’ll know more about the real truth of women in our history in the real music world.”

“They were all afraid of me, I could out-play them all…..I had the chutzpah from being successful in the black jazz clubs during the 1960s and on the road with big-bands (my then-husband Al Kaye was the bass player, I was the guitar player)…also I had buck teeth and stuttered, my ego was in-check all the time…glad to make a living for my 3 kids.”

Good luck with your daughter, see attachments herein, thank-you, Carol Kaye