these speakers are the bomb! I’ve been breaking in the Zu Omen loudspeakers and Mission cables through a variety of different systems. The Omen simply express exactly what’s going on in every system I’ve paired them with. Leben, Naim, Rega, LFD, basically everything I have at the shop I’ve thrown at them. I haven’t done an A/B with other speakers yet. I want to break them in really good and let my ears get completely used to their sound. I already know they’ll be vastly different just from their design and use of full range drivers. My first impressions of the Omens were they had that classic USA sound of the 70’s, ala Klipsch, but after they’ve been breaking in they are morphing into a whole different beast. I’ve been playing with placement a bit, but they don’t seem to be insanely fussy. The Mission cables were an eye opener. I knew Sean Casey, Zu’s CEO, used to work for Kimber Kable, so I had the Hero interconnects hooked up to the Dynavector P-75 phono pre. I switched them out with the Missions and immediately heard tons more focus and a clearer presentation. They aren’t even broken in yet! The Mission speaker cables are very well made and use (if ordered) a locking banana plug I have never encountered before. You unscrew the end and stick it into the speaker. You’re left with a long pin that you then insert and screw down, locking the connector into the speaker. I’m looking forward to getting a Zu cartridge in (orders been placed) and eventually the Soul Superfly which are evidently a match made in heaven for tube rigs. The best part of the Zu experience for me is dealing with the guys from Utah. Zu need to be commended for making quality gear at a reasonable price 100% in America. Remember the days when we made stuff and had jobs? Zu are proof that it’s not too late or impossible for a US manufacturing renaissance. They just have the balls to do it. They are American after all! Don’t be a pinko commie! Come demo some Zu!

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