Yay!! I got a “shout out”!

The Brinkmann Audio USA Newsletter
Issue #23, November, 2017

Brinkmann Sales Skyrocket! After Brinkmann USA’s busiest Summer ever, sales have continued to grow through Autumn, with no less than FIVE ‘tables and arms sold in the past two weeks alone. Better still, these sales were spread across many Brinkmann dealers and models. One of our newest dealers—Brian DiFrank of Whetstone Audio, Austin, TX—sold both a Bardo/10.0 and a Spyder/10.5 with a RoNt Tube Power Supply within ten days: nice work, Brian!

New Dealers? As Brinkmann Brand Awareness continues to grow, I am being approached by an increasing number of stores asking for a franchise; for the most part, I am turning them down. I take great satisfaction in the fact that we’re dramatically increasing sales with our intimate club of 18 US Dealers. It is my belief that exclusivity enhances consumer demand as well as dealer loyalty and the results prove it. Of course, we will add dealers—I’m not crazy, after all—but we’re not in a rush: when the right candidates present themselves, they will be carefully vetted and I’ll make sure they enhance our brand’s prestige, as well as its sales.