Whetstone Mountain!


I just returned from Colorado where it averaged 70 degrees. Here’s Mount Whetstone where I got the name for the shop. When I was in my early 20’s, I lived in Crested Butte for a couple years “finding myself” after college. I used to gaze upon this mountain in various mental states listening to my little Mirage bookshelf speakers, Linn Basik turntable and NAD receiver, pondering my next move. A whetstone is also a stone that sharpens knives, “sharp audio”. Now you know!


On the way we stopped in Dalhart, Tx. for the night. It’s in the panhandle of Texas and smells like shit thanks to the feed lots. I renamed the town Dalfart. Anyway, my wife left her beloved Pimp Chalice, that the kids blinged up for Mother’s Day, in the room. She was devastated! After a frenzied call 50 miles down the road, they found it and kept it for safe keeping.

I’m glad to be back. There are about 600 people across the street from my house listening to a live Reggaeton band and I picked up the best Mexican food on the Planet feeding a family of four for $23 bucks. If Austin was 70 degrees year round I’d be in heaven. Hell, I’d be stoked it it just rained! The water coming out of the cold tap is hot. I can’t even take a cold shower! All the rivers we passed on the way home in the Texas Hill Country were bone dry. Do me a favor and break out a rain dance for us here.

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