Well.. that was fun!

Last night I had the first of many, Vinyl Countdowns at The Dive Bar. The RP3 / Brio-R and Kudos X2 speakers amazed the masses. The comment I heard over and over all night was, “Wow, I can’t believe the sound coming from that little system!” It was really fun to hear what people brought in to play. It was all over the map, the way it should be! Proof that you can “DJ” with one turntable and zero mics. Just call me DJ Uno. Next time I’ll remember the 45 adapter and a frickin’ flashlight. It was pretty hard finding track 3, side 2 in the dark after five vodka tonics. I’m thinking the next one I’ll bring in the Triode 300B / Zu Essence system and show people how 8 watts can shake your rump.

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