Time for a rebuild!

163193_thumb_d6bd1614898f6a2e98671ac0572d3909Every so often someone walks in with an original Rega Planar 2 looking to unload it. I love these old tables because of the nice wood surround on the plinth and the fact that they can be rebuilt to current spec. I just got one in with the original S shaped arm that Rega used before developing their cast arms we all know and love.

I’m going to gut it and start over. New arm, 24v motor upgrade, TTPSU power supply, hub / inner platter, white belt, felt mat and TLC.

Here’s your chance to own a one of a kind classic Rega table that is up to spec and basically brand new.

Price? $1095 with the RB251 arm or $1245 with the RB301 arm.

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