Thöress Phono Entzerrer!


Dear Music Lovers,

our tube-based fully active Parametric Phono Equalizer (”The Phono Enhancer”) is
probably the most versatile phono device world wide – and certainly one of the finest
sounding ones, regardless of price !

Not only that it offers 6 inputs for various types of cartridges and customizable loads on
any MC input. The Enhancer features a novel kind of tone control facility based on a
truly outstanding circuit topology, such avoiding any clumsy conventional tone control
ciruitry. Hereby the 3 edge frequencies (time constants) of the phono deemphassis curve
itsself are made adjustable within wide limits via three 6-position-rotary-switches.
One of the settings adresses the most widely used “”RIAA correction””, of course,
which actually refers to the “”New Ortophonic Playback Curve”” established by RCA
along with the vinyl Microgroove Records in the early 1950s.

These tone control facilities will be found extremely usefull and most effective for
restoring all kinds of tonal artifacts which may have been introduced during the various
manufactoring processes of a given record , while this cannot be achieved in the
conventional manner via “treble-and-bass” tone regulators (relying on one fixed edge
frequency) – not to mention the sound degrading sideeffects involved with such a
topology. Tonal restoration is known to be beneficial with monaural records but in fact
numerous records from the Stereo era will be found to considerably gain from the subtle
restoration facilities provided by the Enhancer too.

In view of all these features, our minimlistic but nevertheless most sophisticated
Parametric Phono Equalizer fully deserves to be called a “Phono Enhancer”.

Greetings from Germany,

Reinhard Thöress

A Tribute to Profesional Audio Equipment
from the Golden Age of the Electronic Tube.