The painful, agonizing wait is over!!

The Rega Brio-R’s finally showed up today!!!!! A whole gaggle of ’em. I tore into the first one I could get my hands on and placed it next to it’s soul mate, the DAC. Such a sweet couple they make! Rega RS-5’s on the speaker end and Saturn acting as transport. I fired it all up with the new Sergent Garcia CD, Una y otra vez. Yup. The new Brio-R has BIG huevos. It has authori-tay! the 50 watts on board are more than enough for any speaker I can think of. I had it at about 10 o’clock and it was house party loud on the RS-5’s. Basically, it’s a Brio3 on a Viagra / steroid cocktail. I can only imagine what this thing will sound like after a few months of break in.

I’ll have a couple left in Black after everyone picks up their pre ordered amps. The first shipment was small, but more are on a boat from the UK. Call me and claim one before you have to wait a few weeks…


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